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Wreck Pays Tribute To You In A New Single, "KINTOME"

From Dallas, Texas, hip-hop/r&b recording artist, producer, and rapper/songwriter Wreck pays tribute to his dearly beloved supporters in a new single, "KINTOME."

Jeremiah D'Marion Solomon, better known as Wreck, began his music career by producing at the mere age of 16, followed by his newfound passion for compelling lyrical creations. Wreck has generated over 25k Spotify streams from his inspirational pieces, groovy production, and relatable lyricism within his first year on the scene.

Now releasing his upbeat banger, "KINTOME," the song is a play on words of "kin to me," used to pay homage to his fans and supporters who've helped propel Wreck's blossoming career. Wreck mentioned that the song offers a simple and straightforward message, but the overall groove has made it one of his all-time favorite creations. Without further ado, let's jump right in.

Hitting play on "KINTOME," the track opens with bright and contemporary synths that spice up the sonic foreground. As the tight drums begin to tap through our speakers, Wreck jumps into his poised and relaxed bars that touch on his love and admiration for those who've helped launch his career forward, always showing their support for the recording artist's vast creative endeavors.

This track is laid back, relaxed, and concise; Wreck does an excellent job of portraying his passion for those cheering him on but only asks those with positive vibrations to hope on his bandwagon. We love the blissful and modern production; it does an excellent job of allowing Wreck to shine in the spotlight while amplifying his honest and endearing lyrical message.

Share the love with Wreck through his latest poised single, "KINTOME," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for creating an honest and welcoming track like "KINTOME." What inspired you to pay tribute to your fans and create a piece dedicated to them?

"KINTOME" is a message to those who make the music worthwhile, my supporters. The title is a play on the words "kin to me" used in the song as a term of endearment when referring to those who've stuck beside me on this musical journey through thick and thin.

What was your songwriting process like for "KINTOME"? Was it easy for you to find the right words that shed light on your supportive and eager fanbase?

The songwriting process for this one was fun and free-flowing. I made the beat and instantly fell in love with it. Before I knew it, I found myself sitting in my studio free, styling/writing the entire song. The entire second half of it was never actually written and has no form, just me, the microphone, and raw emotion.

Did you produce the blissful sonics yourself for "KINTOME"? What sort of vibe and atmosphere did you want the production to offer?

Like most of my tracks, I did produce this one. I figured keeping it simple was the best route to go, given its mission. I think the open feel really allows the listener to get in tune sonically, with the tracks flow, feel the emotion as they come.

Why has "KINTOME" grown to be one of your personal favorite creations? How does the song stand out from your other releases?

Though it may be relatively simple and straightforward, its message and silky groove have made "KINTOME" one of my all-time favorite creations; I hope the listeners enjoy the experience just as much as I have while creating it.


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