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Wrongchilde x Rain Man Have Us Quaking With Their New Single “EARTHQUAKE”

Wrongchilde (ex-Kill Hannah) and Rain Man (ex-Krewella) have teamed up to make a pure jam in every sense of the word. “EARTHQUAKE” is the song of this year that everyone has been waiting for and the accompanying music video is the perfect Saturday night that we all wish we could have... all the time! The L.A. summer vibes are prevalent, the beat building up to a very powerful and memorable drop that makes you want a convertible with a subwoofer in the back seat. That mix will be stuck in your head for the next week, in the best way possible.

The perfectly executed beat and tantalizing synth aside, the song has a deeper meaning that we can all can relate to. Wrongchilde says about his experience moving from New York to L.A. "After the initial crush wore off I was missing my people and I was convinced that 9 out of 10 people here are lost, vapid and utterly insane. Anyone who lives here can tell you that it can oscillate between paradise and wasteland, minute by minute. Mile by mile.” The lyrics “I seen ‘em walk on the bones of friends, I seen ‘em dance on burning bridges” is a testament to how Wrongchilde felt while in the writing process, but shows that something amazing can come out of that. He is back to loving the city, however in a more all encompassing way, dark shadows and all.

The music video reflects these sentiments as well. Finding a land owner (the one with the flamethrower) in the desert that was willing to let a group of people with cameras and pyrotechnics from L.A. use their property is one thing, but whom also owns a dome (seen prominently in the beginning of the video) and a track for the more action packed scenes, who also happened to be a “pyromaniac at heart”, says Wrongchilde, was a stroke of luck. Never mind having a tree shipped in from 150 miles away just to torch, or gathering the necessary permits, permissions, cooperation from the local fire department, pyrotechnicians, and a personal crew, the effort definitely shows.

The visuals are stunning and the editing is flawless. It presents you with every emotion you could possibly feel, from destruction to triumph and back again. The artistry of the shots and the use of contrast, especially with the fire in a completely black desert sky, mixed with the earthy tones of any daylight scenes is pleasing to the eye and dreamy to the heart. This collaboration is definitely one for the books and won’t disappoint.

Stream it everywhere here.


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