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Wyatt Edmondson Gives Listeners “Shelter”

Wyatt Edmondson's latest single, "Shelter," is a beautifully crafted piece of music that will resonate with anyone who has experienced the power of love. The song perfectly represents Edmondson's unique blend of sailing melodies, calming lyrics, and heartwarming performances.

Wyatt Edmondson's musical influences are evident in his work, and he pays tribute to artists like Bob Marley, John Mayer, and Bruce Springsteen. His love for music is evident in the energy he brings to his live performances, which have earned him a dedicated fanbase nationwide.

Despite being diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa as a teenager, Edmondson has refused to let his degenerative eye condition slow him down. His determination and resilience are a testament to the power of music to inspire and uplift us, even in the face of adversity.

“Shelter" is a song filled with a sense of vulnerability and intimacy that is relatable from the first note. Edmondson's voice perfectly sets the tone to the emotional depth of the song, and he delivers each line with a sense of rawness that is both compelling and moving. The lyrics are straight yet powerful, capturing what it means to love and be loved in return.

One of the most impressive aspects of "Shelter" is the way in which Edmondson crafted the song. "Shelter" was recorded on a Tascam 144 4-track cassette tape recorder, giving it a distinctly warm vintage feel that is both charming and authentic.

The production is stripped down to reveal a man, a guitar and the souls of both. This song is the third single from Edmondson's upcoming debut full album, "Made For The Road," which is set to be released on September 15, 2023. It is clear from the quality of "Shelter" that Edmondson is an artist who takes his craft seriously and is committed to making music with intention.

"Shelter" is a beautifully warm-crafted song that will capture the hearts of music lovers everywhere. With its cozy atmosphere, thoughtful lyrics, and raw emotional power, it is a testament to the talent and dedication of Wyatt Edmondson and a preview of the exceptional music to come on his debut album "Made For The Road."

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Wyatt Edmondson, and congratulations on your latest release. We felt cozy while listening to "Shelter," a fan favourite at your live shows. How does it feel to have it finally recorded and released as a single?

It feels great! I wrote the song for my sweetheart, and it has been on repeat in our living room since I first got the master back from Shawn Byrne. This song seems to connect with folks at the live shows. I think it’s the lyrics. They paint a nice picture and are just as honest as possible. This one’s truly from the heart.

With "Shelter" being the third single leading up to your debut album, can you give us hints about what to expect from the upcoming release?

Well, all three songs I’ve released so far have been pretty sparse production-wise, with just a few instruments on each track. In fact, “Shelter” is just 2 guitars and my lead vocal. You can expect more of this on the album, but there are also a few songs with much more going on in them than just a few basic tracks, and I’m excited to share those, too.

As someone who draws inspiration from artists like Bob Marley and Bruce Springsteen, how do you incorporate their influence into a song like "Shelter?"

I’m always inspired by my muses like Bob and Bruce, but I’m unsure how much of their influence can be heard in this song. Dave Matthews is another of my musical heroes, and I feel like you can hear some of his influence on this tune, especially if you consider songs like “I’ll Back You Up.” Lyrically, though, maybe there’s some Marley influence, as he’s always singing about sensory experiences like the sun, the rain, etc. With Bruce, I think maybe you can hear his influence on my vocal approach throughout the record. In studying his music over the years, I’ve developed a similar raspy, guttural quality in my voice that he’s so famous for presenting. But, overall, I do think this song is a bit too tender-hearted compared to The Boss.

"Shelter" is a song that celebrates the strength and vulnerability of love. Can you tell us about a personal experience that inspired the song and how it influenced your songwriting process?

I wrote this song for my girlfriend and gave it to her as a Valentine’s Day present. So the way she makes me feel is really what inspired the song. I was in some bad relationships before her, and none that lasted very long. When I first met her, I felt like a long-term relationship was unlikely for me, but now we’re coming up on 3 years together. We’ve had our trials, but just like it says in the bridge, “there’s nothing our love won’t stop. We built this house on a rock”. That last line is a Bible reference to Matthew 7 because I feel like love is more than just words. It’s putting those words into practice and overcoming things together as a team.

What are your long-term goals for your music career? Do you have any specific milestones or achievements that you are working towards?

I like to dream big. I want what most of us want, the big time. I’d love to be a driving force in Americana/Alt-Country music. I want to play on the big stages with thousands of fans. I want to have my music heard by millions across the globe. I think it’s important to have these lofty goals, but I also have a few more specific, short-term goals. Mainly, I want to find support in a solid team that can help push my career to the next level. I’m working hard to find the right management, publisher, and agent. I know I would do very well serving as a support act for a bigger artist, so this is something I’m really trying to manifest while also going out on the road by myself and building a grassroots fan base.

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