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Wyona Creates a One-of-a-Kind Soundscape, Both Beautiful and Unsettling on “Nepal”

Nepal by Wyona is an excellent single that explores the dark side of life with an unafraid and unapologetic attitude. The lyrics are fearlessly honest, and the music is atmospheric and mesmerizing. The production is top-notch, and the overall sound is unique and accessible. This is an impressive work of art, sure to garner attention from critics and fans alike.

"Nepal" immediately caught my attention with its ethereal, otherworldly feel. The combination of Mariama's deep, passionate vocals with the atmospheric instrumentation creates a soundscape that is both beautiful and unsettling. The lyrics of "Nepal" deal with inner turmoil and displacement themes, which are also present throughout the single. Wyona's songs are not simply nostalgic rehashes of sounds from the past; they are fresh and modern yet still retain a timeless quality; the overall result is a single that is both haunting and hypnotic.

The single opens with a delicate drum beat that is soon joined by Mariama's ethereal vocals. The lyrics of "Nepal" are both dark and personal, exploring the inner turmoil that can lead to feelings of displacement. The track's production is top-notch, with every element working together to create a sense of unease and uneasiness. The use of reverb and delay gives the impression of a vast space, which only amplifies the feelings of isolation and loneliness.

"Nepal" is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners. The band has created a one-of-a-kind sound focusing on atmosphere and emotion. The lyrics are honest and personal, exploring the dark side of life with an unafraid attitude. The production is impeccable, and the overall sound is haunting and hypnotic. I eagerly await the release of Wyona's debut album, and I have no doubt it will be an essential listen.

Wyona, it’s a pleasure to welcome you to BuzzMusic. We are eager to ask a big three-part question to kick things off. What galaxies have you visited recently? What was the process by which you smuggled this track back to earth? How many did you get?

Oh, thanks; I think your image of traveling towards other galaxies describes our whole project as a band very well. The day we started, we did not exactly know where we were going. The least we knew was that it's probably gonna be exciting but also a very long way. The most spectacular finding on our journey was that the way toward other galaxies does not essentially have to lead through a vacuum space. At some point, we had to overcome our fears and say, 'let's just open the door and see what is out there.' The way back was long enough to reflect on our findings and to clarify many unanswered questions by the mere power of the time we were traveling together.

Where do you look for inspiration when expressing your art?

I think it is mostly the ongoing search for inspiration that inspires us the most. There is no hierarchy of literature, other music, or everyday life. Of special interest to us is the confusion of these wide areas and the accidents and failures that occur by bringing them together. If you are open to these 'collisions', some lyrics or chord changes seem to just happen, and you don't even know where they came from or what exactly this will mean to you in the future. To allow these uncertainties is really one of the enchanting and challenging aspects of creating art.

This question is for Kristian and Stephan. What is it like to create music with your sibling? Does it feel like an advantage or a disadvantage to be so closely involved?

To get a more independent answer, you better ask our bandmates, to whom we are not related. Being so closely involved might seem a bit exclusive sometime. This is of course a real danger we have to cope with. But in the end, it feels like an advantage to me. I don't know whether you can hear it in the music, but it is really calming sometimes to work with someone you know very well – no matter if related or not.

We are eagerly looking forward to your debut EP, especially on the heels of such an incredible single. What can we expect in the overall tone of the upcoming EP?

We tried to keep the balance between the darker and lighter sounds. So hopefully, the EP will be like a daylong journey in 17 minutes.

What's next for you?

We are especially looking forward to playing our first concerts in fall 2022. Besides, we work on our next release. We heard there are a few more galaxies out there.


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