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Xeynamay Transports Us to a "Venus Afternoon"

Xeynamay is a multidisciplinary poet that aims to communicate through film, music, and visual art. She hosts a concert series titled SL!CK, where she believes all art she creates through SL!CK is meant to be art from a place of rebellion.

Xeynamay wants to change the expectations of what is possible. By allowing other artists to do the same, she hopes to create and encourage unity in her city.

Tackling an eclectic universe that has you swarmed in ethereal sounds, Xeynamay has us feeling sun-kissed with “Venus Afternoon.” Recruiting StoicBeats and Nastyspock to deliver a passion-filled production experience doused in eclectic fusion and mid-tempo resonance, the musical touches gently transfer the soul-infused vocalization of Xeynamay in a significant way. It’s that particular glue that allows everything to coincide in musical bliss that has us thoroughly enthralled with each direction this song wavers through.

Xeynamay’s sultry timbres exude a reverberated dreamscape at its finest moments. The lyrical content that she graciously has us delving into reflects the self-success that she had witnessed in her lifetime as she delicately floats on hues from when she was a little girl to the present moment. Xeynamay uses her poetic background to fortify her words in an impactful method that is most pleasing as we reciprocate the emotion that she has placed into “Venus Afternoon.”

Detailed with her divine skill set, Xeynamay uses her eccentric artistry styles to allow her to stand out from the crowd. With another captivating release under her belt, we’re thrilled to witness history in the making as Xeynamay continues to establish her sound.

With such a unique title and sound, what inspired you to create this song?

I re-watched Hustle and Flow and as I was watching it the anxiety around getting old crept in for me. It wasn’t aging itself but rather aging without fully living out my dreams. I realized that time was running out and I decided to give a mini call to the universe so it can hear me out. I called it Venus afternoon because I’m into astrology and I have many Venus placements. I always thought that my Venusian personality would help me in my career. An afternoon spent being an artist felt very Venusian to me.

Do you find that your poetic background often influences the way that you approach a song?

Definitely! My first language is Amharic so I’ve really done a lot to get familiar with English. I know that my music is written from that perspective. I play around with the language and that helps me create unique connections with certain words.

Could you please take us into the creative process that you endured when bringing “Venus Afternoon,” to life?

My friend showed me the beat a few weeks before I wrote it and I was trying to figure out what to do with it before watching hustle n flow. Once I got inspired I just turned the beat on loop and wrote it that afternoon. I was feeling very lost and needed my career to change. I decided to write it from the little girl in me. I wrote from the perspective of the girl that dreamt of being an artist. I never dreamt of a family or anything like that. I would just fantasize about stages and studios. I thought that meant something. I wrote from that POV. I recorded it and kept the vocals as a demo. I eventually showed my friend and he was adamant about keeping the demo vocals. I tried re-recording it a few times but the desperation and edge in my voice just weren’t there. So we kept it and released it as is.

As an artist, what is the main message that you send out to your listeners?

The main message I wanna send to listeners is that art is a spiritual experience and no matter what we create, no one can duplicate it. I don’t care if it’s about an ass. I don’t care if it’s about an existential crisis. As long as it’s your authentic you, that’s all that matters.

What can we anticipate next from you?

I have an EP coming out this July showing off more of my voice alongside a reemergence of a cool little online concert I host.


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