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Yelleaux Steps Up And Stunts Through Adversity On “Rich Bastard”

An up-and-coming artist determined to make 2023 his breakthrough year, Yelleaux refuses to let anything get in the way of his goals.

Although he was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Yelleaux is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, moving to what many consider the hip-hop capital of the south.

Having started his own label Trap Boss Records, last year, Yelleaux aims to not only create independence for himself but also dreams of mentoring and providing opportunities for the youth, proving that it’s deeper than money for him.

Yelleaux’s path to where he is now has been anything but easy. Despite his father being absent, Yelleaux’s strong faith in God and an unshakeable drive to succeed saw him channel his energies productively through music.

His energy shines through everything he touches; his music is akin to a colorful melting pot of different musical styles that meld together to create something unique. Currently working on his debut EP entitled "My Story," set to be released in the spring of 2023, you can tell Yelleaux pours everything he has into his music. With an energetic and catchy debut in the form of “Rich Bastard,” we can't wait to see how far he can go.

To put it simply, “Rich Bastard” is a bop. Over hard-hitting instrumentals that feature belligerent drums and atmospheric synths, Yelleaux raps circle around his competition for two and a half minutes straight. It’s Yealleaux at his artistic best: he’s vibrant, his lyrics are catchy, and his energy is infectious. Each line is delivered in a straight-up straight-talking way that you must love. One thing is clear; if Yealleaux can keep this momentum, the sky is the limit.

It’s been blizzarding lately, and the cold is sure to follow. If you need straight heat, tap in and stream “Rich Bastard,” available on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Yelleaux! We loved “Rich Bastard;" everything from the instrumentals to your energy to your flow came together perfectly. We must ask, what was the motivation behind making a song like “Rich Bastard?" What was the creative process behind making it?

I wanted to flip the narrative about a black man growing up without a father present. I found my way and didn't give up despite what those wished upon me.

So you mentioned you’re originally from New Orleans, but now you live in Atlanta, Georgia. What are the most significant differences between the different music scenes, and how have both cities contributed to who you are as an artist?

The culture of hip-hop is very similar and the overall love of music. Atlanta has more opportunities for Black Entrepreneurs. I have a good mix of both cities to balance me out as an artist.

Your debut EP, “My Story,” is coming out in the Spring. What would it mean to be able to bring this project to your fans, and what has been your favorite part about seeing that project come to life?

I get a chance to tell my story. I am vulnerable, and I share very personal things with my fans. I want my fans to feel connected to me and proud of what I have accomplished when all odds were against me!

What do you want your fans to feel when they listen to your music?

Realness. Pain. Hope. Motivation. I want my fans to feel connected with me. 1000%

What’s next for Yelleaux? Do you have other goals for the year after you drop “My Story?"

I have some business ventures that I plan on exploring this year. And I want to focus on dropping content and doing some shows this summer! I am looking forward to my vlog dropping on my youtube channel! Be sure to check it out and subscribe!!! Yelleaux is just getting started.....I have a lot of ground to cover! Sit tight!



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