Yemily Says "Goodbye" With Her New Ballad

Yemily pours her heart into the newly dropped "Goodbye" single. A gorgeous lullaby performed with grace.

Feeding off feeling something in the moment, "Goodbye" is a showcase for solo songwriters out there doing their thing on their own. Like laying awake in bed the night before something big, or even life-changing is about to happen, the song gets under your skin and has you thinking a bit more deeply once it's finished.

A ballad that can be sad but still with a light at the end of the tunnel, this song seems to be something special and Yemily (songwriter Emily Moreno), is an artist to be looking out for in the coming months.

The storyteller will be releasing her Blue Ballerina EP later this year and we hope to be diving into that one once it has arrived. So lay back, and listen to "Goodbye" by Yemily.