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YEUX Knows It Feels Lonely Behind The Wheel When You Are The “Designated Driver”

Based in Los Angeles, YEUX takes influence from Pop and R&B music to create his seductive and chilling new single “Designated Driver.”

YEUX was born in Kansas City, where he had times of struggle, wondering about who he was meant to be. Now he is an artist in Los Angeles who creates music as a way to explore life. Through the making of his songs, he is taking his career up and rising while giving people a new perspective on what love is, the seeking of intimacy, and friendship, among other topics.

“Designated Driver” tells the story of a person who feels lonely behind the wheel and expects someone to know him better, to be his co-pilot. Both trust in the unknown and let go of control, maybe seeking a one-night adventure or love. In the end, did he make it, or was it just a fantasy of a lonely driver? That is for you to decide.

The intro of “Designated Driver” has a strong Hip-hop style, a reminiscence of 90’s drums, and a cornet highlighting the rhythm as the bass follows the pace. Then, synth keys accompany the rest of the instrumentals while YEUX sings. His voice is smooth and seductive, perfect for the song's lyrics.

The way the track plays with melodic guitar notes and the reverberant effect on YEUX’s vocals feel emotional and relaxing. The whole song catches your attention and demonstrates great production and songwriting work. No wonder why YEUX is earning the love of so many listeners, and this is just the beginning.

Let YEUX caress your ears as you listen to “Designated Driver.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic YEUX, and congratulations on your latest release, "Designated Driver." What was the experience that motivated you to write “Designated Driver?”

Designated Driver is a song rooted in isolation and stagnation. It's about always having to drive your relationships and never feeling like anyone else is willing to take the wheel. Relationships are a give-and-take, but what happens when no one else gives? I have always been the person that organizes plans, goes the extra mile to make people feel special, and tried my best to nurture my relationships. It gets lonely when no one reaches out, even just ask how you are. This track is not only autobiographical; it's a reminder to check on your people, no matter what, no matter how small you may think it is.

How would you describe the process of making “Designated Driver?”

Like most of my records, it started with a conversation. It was my first writing session with my producer, and we talked about life, love, and relationships. When I said I felt like the driver in my relationships, he immediately wrote down "Designated Driver". From there, we were shuffling through a bunch of ideas I had in my notes, and we landed on an acoustic guitar and melody idea that I had and started writing. We had the record built around that original acoustic guitar for the first three-quarters of the production process until my producers built the percussion piece. It gave the song new life, and from there, it was just about balance. This being one of the first songs I recorded, the process involved a lot of patience and humility throughout the collaboration.

What makes “Designated Driver” different from your other releases?

Most obviously, the subject matter, but I would also say it's much more Pop forward than some of my other R&B-leaning releases. It's also more upbeat than previous releases.

How do you expect “Designated Driver” to impact your career?

Designated Driver is only my third release to date, so I hope it gives my audience more perspective on who I am as an artist and the types of subject matter I want to cover with my music. I also hope it will help further connect me with other producers, artists, and fans.

What's next for you?

I will release a lyric video for Designated Driver on Friday, the 21st. To follow will come to an acoustic version of "Designated Driver," accompanied by a live performance, and my next single, “LOVE DIFFERENT,” dropping later this year. With 2023 on the horizon, I plan to do more live shows in Los Angeles, connect deeper with fans, collaborate with other noteworthy artists, and create more music.


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