YG Matik Drops New Single “Flashing Lights”

Giovaughn franźe Antonio Logan known professionally as YG Matik was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica in a town close to the capital called August town. He migrated to the states at a young age where he lived with his father, moving around a lot caused Matik to quickly grasp to the American culture and lifestyle. He released his first project “Letter To Whoever” in 2018 which depicts his transition from the Shotta Lyfestyle in Jamaica to the block life In Washington D.C.

YG Matik’s latest track “Flashing Lights” truly showcases his versatility as an artist. His voice has character and the more of his recent music you hear, the more notable this becomes.

If the title isn’t enough, musically “Flashing Lights” is quick to leave its mark with an intermittently heavy beat that hits with impact. YG Matik delves into his own story and world in detail through flawless bars. Consistently offering inspiring honesty and a likable sense of realness that’s easier to connect with. By the time “Flashing Lights” comes to an end, it manages to leave a far more memorable mark than the intro first implies. In hindsight, the modern twang of the hook works well to grab the attention of a broader audience. A dope new track from YG Matik! We can’t wait to see what he delivers next.

Welcome to BuzzMusic YG Matik! How do your early releases compare to your sound now?

My sound has definitely grown and matured, I think sound more confident with my delivery 

What was the writing process like for your track “Flashing Lights”?

It was very personal. Flashing lights depicts my lifestyle and the transition from living in Jamaica and moving to the states 

What do you hope your listeners take away from this track?

I hope my listeners can learn from my mistakes through my songs 

What do you hope to achieve as a hip-hop artist through the end of 2019?

To keep spreading my music to the world and For my fan base to grow!