Yhung Sky Is Firing “25 Rounds”

Yhung Sky is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, writer & creative. Born in Georgetown, Guyana, the young artist lived in Enterprise until the age of 8. She then migrated to Queens, New York with her family in 2003, where she’s lived and has since grown up. Sky was enrolled into public school when she moved to New York. There she studied vocals, dance and piano at the age of 9. Sky began poetry-writing, songwriting, story-writing, and recorded her very first track at her middle school at the age of 11. Sky graduated from high school and proceeded to attend Brooklyn College, where she double-majored and acquired 2 Bachelor Degrees within 3 and a half years. Sky has since been actively recording and performing her music throughout the boroughs. Giving us her latest release “25 Rounds”.

This girl is tough! And I mean tough in the best way. She’s got her own sound and her beat selection is something new and different. This sound is something many aren’t ready for but is coming strong! There is a raw and natural vibe about this artist that gives her an edge. And even in the video the creativity behind how the visual was treated was well thought out. I give this track two thumbs up and a salute to the badass girls who can get degrees and do music too!

Listen to "25 Rounds" here, and learn more about Yhung Sky in our interview below

Hey Yhung Sky. Could you tell our readers a little about who you are?

Hey Buzz Music, I go by the name of Yhung Sky. I’m a singer/songwriter/MC/producer & creative from Queens, New York (Hollis, to be exact). I was born in Georgetown, Guyana. I spent the first 8 years of my life in Enterprise, Guyana before moving to Queens, where I’ve grown up since. I was the cliché, well-rounded, involved-in-school AP student that everybody knew/got along with (for the most part *insert James Harden gif here*). I do have a very large & powerful family, shoutout to my gang!! I’m blessed to have an AMAZING & close-knitted circle of elders. I’m the baby of my generation too, so it’s been a very dope dynamic around me my whole life. 

Where did your name come from?

This one’s a whole story. Prior to taking my music to an independently professional level, I grew up in the arts in school. I recorded my very first song in my middle school at the age of 11 (this is when I really started writing powerful stories/spoken-word/poetry), but it wasn’t until 18 that I really became passionate about recording my own music. I went by my middle name, ‘Sushmita’, for a couple of years before understanding that it couldn’t be patented due to the Bollywood actress of the same name. I went through a few name-changes that never reallyfelt fitting to my soul. Throughout this period of self-discovery, I was busting my ass to acquire my 2 BAs while being in an unhealthy relationship, working various jobs & protesting on campus and in the streets. The feds began targeting me for petty sh*t like the peers/people I ran with on-a-daily, my rebel habits & my fervency to spread the truth about the systems. Mad life sh*t happened, loved ones died & I developed social anxiety disorder...fast forward, one day I was like yo, Sky. That was supposed to have been my middle name, per my father & paternal grandma. No lie, eye wish they named me that; but I had to follow the cultural suit of Sanskrit-middle-names that my two older brothers & I share. Anyways. My father is the key onset to why I am a musician (and an academic) so intuitively, I gravitated. After shortly using the alias ‘Sky Rivers’ (Rivers for various reasons including my birthday being River Phoenix’s & Kobe Bryant’s birthday as well as homage to Doc Rivers), I discovered existing copyright records for that name also. That’s when I recalled my circle of friends’ usage of the title “YHUNG” back in our last two years of high school *Da Legendary YrZ, U Already KNOW dA VyBe*. I meditated on it, visualized myself on stage at a sold out festival, my cult fanbase chanting “Yhung Sky!” over & over again, and that was all eye needed. There are no existing patent records, either. Shoutout to Holy Spirit discernment.

What are some of your goals with your music career?

My main goal with the music is to speak my truth and share lessons, hoping that somebody out there hears me and resonates. I use the music as a means of expression & healing, to speak my messages of remaining united in these times, combatting the mass tactics, encouraging, motivating and inspiring others to stay focused on their missions and grow better each day, especially the youth. Most of the times I’m speaking to my fellow peers and the younger generation in hopes that they’ll at least grasp a fraction of what I’m saying & learn to liberate themselves from the societal matrix that’s been carefully constructed for centuries to keep us under the power of key world players that control how we think, behave & structure our lives. My art goes hand-in-hand with my goals to move the masses to a better place if not physically at least mentally and spiritually. I’ve got about 8 consecutive projects to drop in these next couple of years, as well as visuals and a few other art projects outside of the music (including anime, it’s lit).

What is the story behind the track 25 Rounds?

The story behind 25 Rounds stems from my personal experience during college. I was unlearning and relearning the truth about American history and the history of the world in general, which fueled the fire in me to protest the systems. After releasing some very politically-charged music, affiliating with student groups like the Black Student Union and the Islamic community, and protesting various forms of injustice on the streets as well as the undercover federal presence on campus posing as students to gather intel on certain student groups (like the aforementioned two I happened to begin running with) I was consistently targeted & went AWOL, deleting all my old social media and music email accounts. That was the period of self-discovery I mentioned before, and during those trying times I wrote this song, initially to an entirely different beat, and recorded it. I didn’t like the way the first draft sounded, and neither did the producer of the first beat. So I scrapped that track and really focused on producing my own beats. After creating the beat for 25 Rounds, something in me was like, “yo, you need to use those lyrics”, and that’s when the record came to life in the way that it is now.

Did you face any challenges when writing this single? If so what? How did you overcome it?

I didn’t really face any challenges writing this record. Writing usually comes effortlessly to me because I never force anything, I just let my words and melodies flow from the heart and soul and that’s how all my songs are created. The only challenge with this track was dealing with not liking the first version and then recreating the track on my own, which was actually a very enjoyable process. I always surprise myself when I complete songs, it’s like damn I made this. Crazy. That’s when I know I like a record, when I can listen and be surprised every time that this is all my own work; it’s truly an amazing feeling.

What's next for you through 2019?

What’s next... a few LPs and EPs, some dope visuals, maybe a short film, an anime drop, and lots of performing. My goal this year is to hit the airwaves and be televised worldwide. In addition, I want to tour nationally and internationally. I’ve been having strong feelings and affirmations that this year will bring all of these aspirations to fruition, so I’m hoping & praying it all manifests as God planned. I’m very excited to share everything I’ve been working on with the world.

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