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Yng James Keeps His Head Held High on New Single, "Leave"

Giving us the goods by way of Ottawa, Canada, singer-songwriter, musician, and recording artist Yng James releases a soulful ode to new beginnings with his latest single, "Leave."

Although James only started creating and producing music in January 2019, he's already mastered his craft with the sole inspiration of allowing others to enjoy the music he loves to create. Living by his motto, if the music is good, it will speak for itself; Yng James's artistry is a perfect representation of this, as he lets listeners into personal and relatable life experiences while keeping them engaged with his dynamic instrumental approaches.

Now releasing his savory hit single, "Leave," Yng James offers this upbeat and lively ode to parting ways with someone who was once close to his heart. As the sonics and instrumentals glimmer and gleam with the utmost brilliance, Yng James and his dynamic performance leave us with a bounty of optimism to explore what life has to offer.

Listening to "Leave," the venture begins with a quickly pulsating synth that wobbles through our speakers like a bright beam of sun. As the plucky and light acoustic guitar begins to melt through our speakers, Yng James joins the party while sharing his recent attempts to better himself, internally and externally.

As the lush song continues, Yng James jumps into an easy-going rap that expands on someone watching him like a hawk as he continues to broaden his fanbase and streaming count. Moving towards the song's end, Yng James and his soothing vocal harmonies bring us into a sunny and radiant atmosphere that closes the song like a breath of fresh air.

Too caught up in someone else's unhealthy ways? Allow Yng James to help you "Leave," with his latest single, available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Yng James. We adore the optimistic and carefree approach you've taken with your latest single, "Leave." What experience or encounter inspired you to create this single?

Honestly, the way I feel on Leave is a direct reflection of the relationships I had going on in my life at that moment. Between being kicked out of my home and a very toxic person who was attempting to become my significant other; I couldn’t yell, I couldn’t scream, I had

no words left other than, “leave me alone”. From there the idea sprouted. It just became a tale of what I was doing in my life and how it was going for me. The song is very literal, I did that on purpose; I didn’t want to leave any space for interpretation.

If listeners could take one thing away from your honest lyricism in "Leave," what would you want that to be?

If anyone listening to the lyrics of the song could take away one thing, I would say that it would have to be “Be true to yourself, you only have one life and live that one life healthy. There is no need for any avoidable pain or strife in it.”

Why did you choose to create this lush, laidback, and dreamy instrumental atmosphere for "Leave"? How does the song's instrumental vibe enhance your lyrical message?

When I always start with a new project, I want it to be a true reflection of what I’m feeling and my thought process at that very moment. In the case of Leave, before I even wrote the lyrics, I was envisioning nice beaches laid back for any and all stress of the world. Knowing that that’s how I pick the guitar style, percs, hats (which I wanted to sound like rustling sand), and everything in between. In the case of how it enhances the track, I’ll put it like this. If the music

can put you in a state of relaxation you are more willing to open up to the lyrical message, whether consciously or unconsciously. In addition to that, when the backing tracking is more uplifting it is easier to digest a more serious topic.

We get the feeling that you're a rather explorative artist when it comes to your sound and style. Where would you say you're most comfortable in terms of genres?

At the end of the day, I feel comfortable in every genre (whether or not it sounds like that genre is out of the question). To classify myself to a genre would not be based on comfort but based on a spectrum of difficulty. The easiest genre of music that I have found to produce

for myself is Hip hop with RnB trailing behind it. I dabble in more contemporary styles and EDM put since I am not a seasoned producer of those genres it is more difficult to create the sound that I am visualizing.

What's next for you?

Hopefully, the future holds experiences such as this one that helps me develop my career within the music industry. What’s over the horizon is unknown but I’d like to keep all my options open as much as I can. In the near future, set in stone, I will be releasing an EP that will have a few unexpected tracks from myself and hopefully you check it out.

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