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YNS Haunts the Scene With His Heavy Single, "DEMON EYEZ"

From Washington D.C., songwriter, rapper, and recording artist YNS pays homage to 90s underground hip-hop with his recent single, "DEMON EYEZ."

Born of Salvadorian immigrants, YNS ensures that his culture and roots shine through each of his tracks. Through influences like Eminem, 50 Cent, Bone Thugs, Three 6 Mafia, and more, YNS strives to reflect that underground tenacity and authenticity from his inspirations into his versatile music.

Listeners can catch YNS's 90s and 00s influences through his latest single, "DEMON EYEZ." Produced by Leilo Beats, the track offers this darkness and deepness that's hard to come by in modern hip-hop, and the song's production perfectly enhances YNS's haunting and confident performance. The Washington-based rapper keeps us hooked with his diabolical and sinister bars about the flames beneath our feet and intertwining oneself with the underworld.

Hitting play on the new track, "DEMON EYEZ," the song opens with haunting keyboard melodies and downtempo, poised drum breaks alongside YNS's intimidating and whispery vocal appearance. As he begins to rap his composed and ominous bars, the song transports into this hellish and menacing place through his words of creating a sacrificial connection with the devil himself.

Leilo Beats' production totally enhances the mysterious and spooky vibe with his eerie background synths that linger through our speakers alongside the dark keyboard melodies and heavy drum breaks. YNS gradually guides us to the outro while haunting us with the song's demonic and unsettling theme until the very last beat.

We loved the composure and authority YNS brought to his latest single, "DEMON EYEZ." Find the hot new single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, YNS. We admired the haunting and mysterious vibe you've brought to your recent single, "DEMON EYEZ." What inspired you to make this ominous and dark track?

"Demon eyez" was inspired by so many artists in the Memphis horrorcore sense. Some of those include Three 6 mafia’s own Koopsta Knicca & Lord Infamous, Frayser Click, Scanman, Skinny Pimp, Krucifix Clan, Lil Noid, Gangsta Pat, Children of the Corn, Ect. My way of creating a homage to does who are no longer with us and for their names to be known around the world.

What was your songwriting process like for "DEMON EYEZ?" Was it easy for you to write such spooky and wicked bars?

It was all-natural to me. Horrorcore has always been my specialty. Writing Demon Eyez was a test of my wordsmithing skills staying true to my essence and also a remembrance of my personal experiences with those forces unknown. Thiers more spooky & wicked lyrics on my Album “Hypnotizin Timez: Underground Soundz (Chapter 1).

Did you work with Leilo Beats when creating the production for "DEMON EYEZ"? Or did he make the beat for you beforehand?

I've Been working with Leilo beats for a little over a year now. He's truly a gifted producer & understands my craft perfectly. He made the beat beforehand so once I heard it I know exactly what I wanted and how to go about creating this masterpiece.

What did you want to make the listener feel when experiencing the dark and mysterious vibe of "DEMON EYEZ?"

I want the listener to know Horrorcore is here to stay & it'll soon be the next commercial wave. Memphis is the birthplace of this sound and flow and it'll live on for centuries to come. Giving the listener a taste of something created in the ’90s delivered by a new wave of artists in the 22nd century.

What's next for you?

Hypnotizin Timez: Underground Soundz (Chapter 1) is up next. This album goes more into the Three 6 Mafia Styles of the ’90s & Early 2000s. Best Described as an homage to that artist within the group & Also those affiliated with Hypnotize Minds/ Prophet Entertainment &/ Porphet Posse. It was released on Dec 1st, 2021 on all digital platforms!


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