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You Better “Make It Out Alive” After Listening To Intruder 424

Intruder 424’s most recent song, "Make It Out Alive," is a clear example of powerful rock. It would be a grave understatement to say that the Biggianis are on the same wavelength. Together, they produce a single, potent, distinct, integrated, and resonant banger.

Pete and Chris Biggiani, brothers, show that they can leave a lasting impact without using excessive power, numerous overdubs, or complex arrangements. They surely can when they're as vicious, nimble, and skilled as Intruder 424; they’ve mastered all the fundamentals.

Intruder 424 has it all: a distorted, ringing six-string, thunderous drumming, passionate vocals, choruses that are sure to have everyone singing along, and hooks and riffs that hit you right in the core. It demonstrates how Pete and Chris Biggiani turn up the heat and consistently test their limits. They perform with the dexterity and fervor that have made them local rock heroes. They hardly need to exchange looks. It is clear that they understand each other.

The sound of "Make It Out Alive" is rich, energizing, and vibrant. The song has the crunch of a classic stadium rock song, the drive of a basement punk party starter, and the color, personality, and attitude that have come to be associated with Jersey music. One guitar, one kit, and one voice are their only basic components.

The brothers are marvelously in sync and react to one another. The drum fills and riffs lock in a violent embrace, and the vocals and drums convey the same sense of urgency. The "Make It Out Alive" video emphasizes the group's cohesion and independence.

Rock out to the trancing song "Make It Out Alive," which will have your head locked in time with its quick drumbeats and hefty lines. The video is a fantastic performance as well, revealing the close bond between the Biggiani brothers.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Intruder 424. We love your music video for "Make It Out Alive." What inspires you to make music, and how do you both connect to that purpose?

Thank BuzzMusic for interviewing us! We are happy you guys love the music video for our song "Make It Out Alive." Music is something we’ve both been doing since we were very little. Since I (Pete) was 2 years old and my brother Chris was 4 years old. It's just something that we love to do and comes very naturally to us.

Would you be able to describe the creative process behind "Make It Out Alive?”

Sure! Chris and I wanted to do something different, and Chris came to me with this cool guitar riff idea, and together, we built off of that idea. We wanted to write something a little heavier and darker than we would normally write. As for the lyrics, we both wanted to tell a story and have a reoccurring line which would end up being the Make it Out Alive line in the chorus.

What's the message you're trying to convey to listeners in "Make It Out Alive?"

The message behind “Make It Out Alive” was written with a meaning behind it that, hopefully, anyone could relate to. In the “Make It Out Alive” line in the chorus, we hope people relate to anything they are struggling with in their own personal life with the mindset of always overcoming the obstacle, no matter if it’s someone or something standing in your way.

What's next for you?

We can’t wait to release more music in the coming months! We are also excited to Tour in the near future. Can't wait to sit down and talk with BuzzMusic again soon!

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