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You Can Count On Saint Germain To Soothe The Soul In His New Single, "Onus"

Sending us into pure and utter bliss is Toronto-based self-produced independent artist and multi-instrumentalist Saint Germain with his latest spine-chilling single, "Onus."

Originally from the small town of Orangeville, Saint Germain relocated to Toronto and has been honing his artistic skills in the midst of such a busy and thriving musical city. Germain is well-versed in guitar, piano, drums and has truly mastered the art of meticulous and transcendent music creation at the mere age of 22.

Saint Germain has been spending many a night in the Carpet Room, a studio in the heart of Toronto, where he's constantly evolving his sound and creating stunning new singles like the recent "Onus." The blossoming recording artist says the new song "is a preview of the rebirth of Saint Germain," and we're sure our listeners will adore such a cathartic sonic venture.

Peeling back the layers of "Onus," we start with the melancholy and reverbed electric guitar that slowly floats through our speakers alongside an array of psychedelic-infused synths to up the tender and lush ambiance. What takes us by surprise is how soft and gentle Saint Germain's vocals are, and his sweet melodies in this track are truly a treat for the ears.

We appreciate how Saint Germain didn't oversaturate the instrumentals and kept them at a harmonious minimum. He allows us to placidly shift our focus from the gentle electric guitar onto the soothing background synths, and finally, his heartfelt and passionate vocals that are bound to send anyone into a daydream full of love and devotion.

Allow Saint Germain to lift your spirits far above this plane with his latest soul-soothing single, "Onus," now available on all digital streaming platforms.


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