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You Can't Mess with A Beck's, "Vibes"

Orlando, Florida is home to singer-songwriter A Beck. With a unique voice, his musical styling touches almost every genre.

Being able to pen catchy hooks and soulful melodies he provides us with serious vibes that break him out of his delicate tenured shell.

Recruiting the artistic style of That Devastator, A Beck takes us into his intricately sculpted galaxy in the hit single, “Vibes.” Nostalgic shimmers lay down the Contemporary R&B soundwaves as he builds on his musical structure with a euphonious framework.

“Vibes,” allows you to stew in a miscellany of your own thoughts as you explore the venues that A Beck’s tender vocalization navigates you through as it fuses together with the danceable melodies dripping in the production value.

The intensity of his tone chimes into an enthralling soundscape focused on the overall quintessence of vibrations exchanged. You feel the buoyancy in “Vibes,” keeping you afloat as you drift into your own vivid imagery of what your happy place encompasses. Symbolizing the warmth emitted through a sweltering interchange of energy, we must admit that this track has us scaling the entire music library of A Beck.

Locked into the advancing effervescence that grows in concentration, we are open to being exposed to the vibes that A Beck and That Devastator provide. Crooning prevailing tones that are conveyed with a fervent juxtaposition, A Beck makes it known that you shouldn’t mistake his vulnerable side for weakness; he’s a heavy hitter in the music industry.

We can’t get over how much of a vibe “Vibes” truly is. What were the vibes like when you brought this song to life? We can only imagine that energy in the process transpires to what we hear in the song.

First I wanna say thank you! Vibes was super dope to make. When I create I like to create purely off of emotion and what I feel in that moment so what happens, happens, it’s all art. When Devastator first sent me the record immediately I connected with the piano chords and the melody just came to life I knew it needed to be simple and just a vibe.

How did That Devastator help you to achieve that golden, summer sound that is displayed in this hit? What was it like working together?

That Devastator aka I call him Dev, you know he always pushes me to take things to limits that shouldn’t exist but they do because we created that space. Dev is like my executive producer/ big homie we work on almost everything together or I make him listen to everything I touch. This record was actually a beat he made that he felt confident in playing in his Dj sets but he felt I might be able to do something with it so he passed me the rock and I played it up. It’s kind of a Shaq and Kobe thing with us.

With every artist varying in technique, we would love to know; when you get down to writing a track, do you pen the hook or the verses first? Why?

This one is super difficult for me because I don’t like to think too much when creating. It’s like thinking too many blocks everything that was moving in that direction. So for me usually what comes first is a hook or a concept and then I kind of pen around that just recording melodies and sometimes gibberish.

How does “Vibes,” compare to other songs showcased on your music catalog?

Vibes to me is a different record than usual for me it still has that urban pop / RnB vibe to it but it was so simple to create and it has that little dance infusion to it I kind of just let the beat push me through this one and allow it to live there big shot out to that Devastator on that part.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

I would say listeners can anticipate the unknown. In all seriousness, I’m from Florida so I love to incorporate that sunny vibe just the feel of the summer and nostalgia of it in a lot of my records coming up there will be love stories party stories just in general great vibes, and great energy.



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