You’ll Be Stunned By This Artist’s Voice! Dead Freedom Releases "Climbing The Walls"

Dead Freedom, a singer/songwriter based in the heart of Yorkshire, England, is best known for his gruff vocals and dark country blues. Dead Freedom has one of the most unique and individualistic voices I’ve ever heard. It catches you off guard, yet it’s oddly riveting and seemingly intriguing. The throaty and gravelly voice Dead Freedom has is definitely his signature. Not only does Dead Freedom possess a gritty and raspy resonance, he’s an exceptional guitarist and doesn’t miss a chord! You can find a live performance of his single “Climbing The Walls” below and you will see how Dead Freedom has the capability to musically abduct you into his world. His raw, uncut, and natural talent is prepossessing alongside the skilled and fast-pace playing of the guitar. The amount of competence and artistry Dead Freedom has is nearly imperfect. He’s a diamond in the rough, and “Climbing The Walls” showcases all his mastery and eloquent talent that makes him a special force to be reckoned with in the music industry. I believe if Dead Freedom were to become a mainstream artist, he would blow away millions of people with his dark but hauntingly augmented sound.

Stream "Climbing The Walls" on Spotify & check out our interview with Dead Freedom below!

We’re so excited to chat with you! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey everyone how are you all? I am Dead Freedom a singer songwriter from Bradford (England) I play Country Blues Rock! Please feel free to hit me up on my links it’s always nice to hear from new folks!

When did you start singing? How did this become a passion for you?

So I'd say I first got in to singing when I was about 13 I was massively into bands like The Calling and Nickelback etc so I used to sing along to my favourite songs at home till my brother Ainsley introduced me to some of his friends, a Rock band called 3milehigh who in my opinion were just the coolest dudes ever, he took me to one of their gigs and I was just absolutely captivated I was like “That’s it this is what I want to do” like it wasn’t even just like the typical big gig that every kid dreams of it was this proper dive bar full of really down to earth friendly people and awesome live music I think that’s probably where I fell in love with live music and like the real side to the underground scene.

Describe your music in 3 adjectives and why you selected those 3 adjectives?

I’d say my music is: Dark, Personal and Honest because to sort of sum up what I do, I play dark country blues with like a Rebel rock sort of vibe which is all based on my life experiences and core values the reason I say it’s honest is because I record my music in a way that reflects what you get from me in a live performance situation, like I won’t use a full orchestra on a track that I play solo, I try keep it as authentic as possible.

Do you mind giving us an artist interpretation on your single “Climbing The Walls?

An artistic interpretation hmmmm I’d probably say it’s a song or a piece that reflects a moment of crippling anxiety, with subtle elements of soul, gothic blues and dark country.

Do you prefer studio recordings of music or live performances?

I love both to be honest like the recording I generally play the same as when I am playing live, if I had to pick though I’d definitely say the live performances because it’s the experience of meeting new people and seeing them enjoying what you do, there’s no experience quite like that! 

Who are your biggest musical influences that have helped shape your career in the music industry? 

First and foremost I’d say the previously mentioned 3Milehigh, after getting in to their music I became a roadie for them and it was like my apprenticeship of the music scene if you will!  I followed them round lugging their gear for like 3 years till they went on an extended hiatus, but was called In to be their principle support act at their 10 year anniversary gig in 2016 which was pretty awesome, other than that one of my best mates Wilson music UK we play very similar style of  stuff and have featured on each others album’s. But then I’ve taken influence on a less personal level from tons of places such as Shawn James, White Buffalo, Kaleo, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Nickelback, Genesis, Fleetwood Mac, The Goo Goo Dolls, Lifehouse, Tom Waitts, Bob Marley and the late great Chris Cornell 

We love your new single Climbing the Walls! Can you tell us a bit about it? What was your inspiration behind writing it? 

Thank you that’s very kind I was going through a bit of a dark time, and was properly questioning everything, there’s a line in the song that says “wondering where I will be, when I’m dead" cheerful I know, but it reflects where my mind was at the time, I found it was one of those songs that just kind of wrote itself and helped me cope with the stuff I was going through at the time.

What’s next for Dead Freedom? 

I’m about to release “Climbing the walls” on Spotify and ITunes amongst many other outlets, it’s the 3rd single to be released off the up and coming Self Titled Album “Dead Freedom" other than that I’m in the stages of Booking a UK tour covering 35 cities which will be kicked off with a performance at the O2 Academy in Sheffield, I’m also in the very early stages of doing a fundraiser to do a USA tour in 2019!  So fingers crossed I'll be able to see some/All of you some time in the near future! 

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