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You’ll Never Catch Demown “Slippin’” In His Newest Track

Hailing from Naples, Florida, up and coming to rapper Brown Demosthenes is better known for his professional name of Demown. A proud father and self-made artist, he brings a versatile flow that he can switch up to fit the mood of any track. His ultimate goal is to make relatable tracks for his listeners and fans. He has the ambition and drives to make it big in the music industry.


Demown’s latest track titled “Slippin” brings through a clear love for life and for hip hop in general. It’s is an easy anthem for the next few months, loaded with good vibes, quirky rhymes, and a consistently rhythmic flow that works well on top of the natural bounce of the beat. Everything from the production to the vocal flow for this release is of impressive quality. The backdrop brings together a fairly classic hip hop style with a slightly more energizing vibe. There’s a smoothness to it all, and Demown’s voice alongside this works perfectly. “Slippin” is a fresh track that tips its hat to the sound of today and that of a simpler time, working well to further introduce Demown’s style and sound. Listen to  “Slippin” here and read more with Demown below! 

Tell us about the recent projects you've been in the works with musically?

Up and coming album Through The Headphones is just the first of many. This is an album about me. Fans will get to experience life through my eyes or "through the headphones" if you will. it is about past experiences both triumphs and struggles.

How would you say you personally navigate through the music world? What's your secret in becoming a well-rounded artist and lyricist?

I am a "beat surfer" I spazz on the beat instead of on people in the real world. My secret to becoming a well-rounded artist is BE YOURSELF don't try to be what your not or try to portray and character of which you are not. Everything I say and do is real. 

We thoroughly enjoyed your track “Slippin’”! Can you tell us the meaning behind the lyrics and the overall concept of the music video?

Thank You!! The concept behind the lyric of Slippin is my view on slipping through obstacles even when I didn't think I was going to make it. People don't wanna see you on your come up, so I say "hell naw they aint got catch me slippin" Every day has a different up and down just speaking on real life. The video concept was me being solo on my come up cuz they ain't got catch me slippin. 

Can you tell us about your live performances? Do you prefer live performance over the actual songwriting/recording process?

I truly enjoy doing both. Either way, I give it my all. Weather in the studio writing and recording or performing what I laid down it is an adrenal rush and I love seeing my vision come alive. For me, studio time is more on a personal level, me becoming one with the mic and giving it all I got. Then performing is what I get to show the world, who I am and who I am destined to be. 

It was a real treat being able to feature you on our platform. Would you say that your new music in the works currently adheres to any world trends within music right now?!

Yes, I feel like my music is some of the best out right now. Trends change in the world. I stay true to myself like so many of those before me and the greatness to come after me. Thank you so much BuzzMusic for this opportunity. I greatly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Can't wait for what's to come!


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