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Young Artist Jaydiante Releases New Single “4K19”

Jaydiante is a 17 year old artist from The Carolinas. His goal is to bring a unique flow to modern music. He also has his own motto and brand: 4BB (4Real Bout Bread).

“4K19” is the latest single released by Jaydiante. This is an impressive effort by such a young artist. Jaydiante wastes no time rattling off his intense and rhythmic lyrics with a rapid speed. The beat is simple, but effective, and allows all the lyrical intricacy to shine through. The lyrics themselves are quite confident and delivered with a cool ease that one might not expect from someone so young. At just over two minutes long, this young rapper is able to cram in an incredible number of words to great effect, and his talents are certainly something to keep an eye on. Check out “4K19” by Jaydiante today!

Listen to “4K19” here and get to know more about Jaydiante below!

Thanks for answering a few questions! First of all, could you describe your background and how you first became interested in music?

No problem, I’m originally from the Southside of Atlanta, GA but about 4 years ago I moved to Columbia, South Carolina and I just moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in January to finish school So my flow and accent Diffrent . I became interested in music cause everybody around me was rapping and shit it was my turn and everybody rocked with it

Who would you describe as your biggest artistic influences?

Artist influences I look up too are artist from my state who I feel like are on the same team as me representing the same Thing the Carolinas and Georgia So I like PG RA , Deezy McDuffie, Blacc Zacc, Da Baby, Lil Baby , and Future.

What is does your songwriting process look like? How do you end up putting all your music together?

My song writing process is all about how I’m feeling, everyday I’ll type bars in my notes and they come to my head and when I have free time, I’ll sit down and keep going with it and add my own slang and flavor to it.

You have a new single called “4K19”. Did you have a specific message behind this song?

Yeah , My single “4K19”, the 4K19 man im ahead of my peers . Like how we livin in 2K19 , I say 4K cause I’m already thinkin last 2K . And also the 4 for my brand 4BB aka 4Real Bout Bread

What can we hope to see from you going forward?

Going forward y’all can hope to see how versatile I am how I can change my flow on beats and still do my thing and snap


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