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Young Cardi Is Back With A Bang And Brings A Music Video, “PISSED OFF”

Young Cardi, known as Leonardo Schlereth, is based in Monaco, France, where his love for music all started. Young Cardi has quickly become one of the "artists to look out for" after his recent release "PISSED OFF," which includes a very engaging, fashionable, and eye-catching music video. Let's dive in and take you on Young Cardi's journey through the music video "PISSED OFF."

As we launch off into "PISSED OFF," Young Cardi greets us with an amazing city view and a symphony to match the mood. We see him alone in scenes as he starts off by saying, "Don't want it, I still got it, And regardless I'm okay." And as the chorus drops, the beat bangs like firecrackers on the best new years eve! We see Young Cardi in different places but still alone, and we can tell, as he says, he's been heartbroken but still reminisces on the times they had together. He guides us through these scenes as he sings along with nothing but feeling and passion.

As "PISSED OFF" as he is, he still knows his worth as he says in lyrics like "I don't want it no more, Pissed off, pissed off, Have her blocked and ignored" and "I wish you well, Only mean well, But you were the one to push me, Cause I ain't fell." Young Cardi gives us a look over his city, the same city where he makes his dreams possible, meeting new people, losing some, and gaining the real ones. We see things from his point of view and from his side of the story he tells.

Young Cardi brings us the next major pop record that will have people of all ages vibing to "PISSED OFF" after all, these two words are feelings we can all sometimes relate to.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Young Cardi. We are ecstatic to have you join us today. We love "PISSED OFF" and feel it deserves all the shine it gets. What do you do in your creative process that makes these records different, and how did u conceptualize the music video for it?

"PISSED OFF" is my first ever music video! So the concept behind it was to introduce me to the audience and start to build a connection with the viewers.

We see you're taking us on a personal journey in "PISSED OFF," hearing all you have to say. What was the message you wanted to bring across in the music video?

The message that I want to come across is to ignore everyone in your way, be pissed off at the world, and take and fight for what's yours.

As a fairly new artist breaking into the pop industry, what would you say is the biggest lesson you've learned thus far?

The biggest lesson I learned so far is that you cannot expect something to be 100%! In this industry, there are a lot of surprises and a lot of bad people who are constantly trying to use you for the better. I have learned how to tell people real intentions and how to live with people just trying to bring you down.

When you came up with the scenes and shot them, what do you think the most challenging part was and why?

The most challenging part of the shoot was the weather, as it was very unpredictable, which didn't give us a lot of shooting time.

What's next for you?

What's next for me is that I am releasing my next music video on Friday 17th of June to my second song this year, "DRAMA," I will also be performing a few shows, so stay tuned on my Instagram for updates.


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