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Music Video Premiere: Young Hueston Releases New Music Video For Hit Song “Tidal Wave”

American artist, “Young Hueston” is a classic artist in a modern time. His music embodies the essence of emotion. It’s soulful, simplistic, and nostalgic, while showing vulnerability and art are tied together.

Young Hueston released his single titled “Tidal Wave”, and the moment you hear the first lyric, you instantly feel something. “Tidal Wave” has a sense of emotion that projects a particular vibe to the listener. Young Hueston’s voice is something completely unforgettable. You don’t hear this type of resonance often. It’s highly mesmerizing, timeless, and all-around addictive. The amount of soul fused in with an impressive skilled register is what we find ourselves becoming immensely attracted to. My personal favorite moment in “Tidal Wave” was most definitely when he released a powerful vocal belt at the part , “Hit me like a tidal wave”. Young Hueston carries his voice through dynamically enticing vocal registers, shifting gears with each corner of the song like a nascar driver. You never know what to expect while listening to “Tidal Wave”. Is he going to go soft? Is he going to become brashful? Is this a vocal belt? There’s always room for surprises while listening to “Tidal Wave”, and this mystical approach is what we love most. Young Hueston is an artist who we undoubtedly can become infatuated by. He released a contextual visual to his record. In the video released to “Tidal Wave”, you see Young Hueston singing his lyrics while sort of reflecting on the girl who has him completely captivated. They show scenes of the beautiful lady who Young Hueston has his eyes on. When they came together, it was like the missing pieces to the puzzle. They form a union, and the chemistry between the two of them felt so natural and real, it gave a whole new dimension to the record. This way of displaying the song gave me an open pathway to lyrically interpret the song in more depth. But as I continued watching the video, and in tuning myself with the lyrics more, I began to realize that “Tidal Wave” had a different meaning than I thought. Is not as positive as it may seemed, prior to viewing the video. Instead, it shows themes of missing somebody, and someone who comes and goes in your life. I think he displayed this with cut scenes of the girl appearing and disappearing. “Tidal Wave” is a powerful song, and a great offering from an upcoming icon!


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