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Young Hueston’s Newest Single “Tidal Wave” Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Young Hueston is an artist from South Florida who composes soulful and emotionally-rich pieces. The name Young Hueston is beautifully comprised of his late grandmother’s maiden name “Young” and his real last name “Hueston”.  His timeless sound and lyricism fused with his spectacular vocals will have you paying his newest single on repeat!

His first single titled “This Love” was released in March and now he’s back again with newest release “Tidal Wave”. As soon as Young Hueston began singing I was instantly blown away! His vocals are flawless and so powerful, you really get sucked into the emotion in his voice. I love the vulnerability in the lyrics and how they are easy to relate to regardless of how you interpret them. The song “Tidal Wave” is about a love that seems almost too good to be true, or unattainable. My favorite lyric is “All these feelings cut me open like a razor blade”. It’s simplistic but a raw representation of how this type of love can make you feel. This song really resonates with me and I believe it’s a true talent to be able to connect with your fans through songwriting and Young Hueston does it effortlessly. “Tidal Wave” is a culmination of feelings and experiences and it’s evident that Young Hueston poured his heart and soul into it. Overall “Tidal Wave” is a moving motif and we can’t wait to see what Young Hueston delivers next.

Check out Young Hueston's "Tidal Wave" now on Spotify, and keep scrolling for the artists interview with BuzzMusic!

Can you tell us the meaning behind your new single “Tidal Wave”?

“Tidal Wave” is a song about how hard someone’s love can hit you, comparing the impact to the intensity of a tidal wave.

Who are your biggest musical influences that have helped shape how you write your music?

Musically my influences are Ray Charles, B.B King, Janis Joplin, Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, Amy Winehouseand Kanye West!

I have so many more, but those are my top ones for sure! 

What’s your writing process like?

It’s never one way! It always changes. In my opinion the best songs don’t come from formulas, they come from the heart. If I go into the studio with a plan it usually never works!

The magic of writing is literally like magic. You have to be a channel for something higher to create through you! It’s almost like your an instrument and the universe is playing you! 

Your vocals are incredible. What age did you start singing?

Thank you! It’s funny to me because my normal voice sounds nothing like my singing voice lol. People are always shocked when they hear me sing, like they didn’t expect me to sound like that! I started singing when I was 14 but I started playing guitar at 10. It feels like I’ve always been really musical. 

Can we expect a full EP in the future? What's next for you?

I’m just dropping singles right now. An EP is definitely something that could happen in the future. I’m dropping a song called 

“Madelines Note” on May 17th, so stay tuned cause issa vibe!


Keep up to date on the latest with Young Hueston through his Instagram and Twitter!


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