Young John Q Frees Our Mind With His Release “Ahhh"

The Toronto based rapper Young John Q is here to deliver his hard-hitting, heavy persona in his music. Especially in his single “Ahhh”, there is a focus on his artistry through the use of his natural driving flow that delivers a purpose with every lyric. There are no redundancies with Young John Q’s music, he is straight to the point and tells us only what we need to hear. What we are absolutely loving about Young John Q’s release “Ahhh” is that it makes us want to go out and have fun, the man himself hopes that this release will set our spirits free for them to run wild, no matter what is going on. Young John Q is able to keep his music accessible by not trapping himself to a certain style, even though he is from Toronto, he looks for new inspiration and sounds worldwide, this allows for a more dynamic experience that we cannot wait to hear in Yong John Q’s new music to come in 2020. You can listen to Young John Q’s artistry here. #BUZZMUSIC\