Young John Q Released The Single “Finer Tings”

Young John Q is an endowed upcoming rap artist from Mississauga, Toronto. Since he entered the music industry, Young John Q has consistently shown he was made to be Iconic and is ready to hit the mainstream! After featuring on countless mixtapes, he finally made his debut, dropping his own project “Life Thru my Crackberry.”

If you listen to this trendy project, “Life Thru My Crackberry”, you will discover the record “Finer Tings” which sings in the hook, “just want the finer tings” which is repeated throughout the hook, instantly capturing the listener’s attention. While playing this song, my brother overheard the record and instantly began vibing along the music. The production and melodies created the relatable sound my brother loves, and he is a big fan of the current generation of hip-hop. This was a strong indicator to me that Young John Q has an enticing sound where he knows how to attract a crowd. “Finer Tings” has an ultra extravagant vocal delivery, thanks to the stylistic auto tune that was projected on top of the articulation. The witty lyricism is just a charismatic way to make up the raw story of Young John Q which is so fascinating. His intellect as an artist is displayed through the small arrangement of “Finer Tings”. Young John Q’s melodic, lyrical technique covers a diverse range of passion that will set him apart as he continues to break through the industry.

Listen to Finer Tings here and get to know more about Young John Q below!

Tell us about the project “Life thru My Crackberry” as a whole! What’s the major theme behind this album?

Da title of my mixtape is called "life thru my crackberry" and da title comes from jus hustlin' to provide fo my family. On my block and my city we call BlackBerry phones crackberry. So da title comes from dealing wit life in general on a day to day basis. If you where to look in my phone you would basically get a glimpse of my life so to speak.

What are some of your personal favorites off your album and why?

I know u hear this alot but I like every song on da mixtape. Every song gives you a different feel in it's own unique way fo real. My mixtape is a rollercoaster ride of different vibes to bring you in my world.

How does “Finer Tings” replicate the theme behind “Life Thru My Crackberry”

"Finer tings" is jus pushing for greatness and share success wit da people you love in your life. Everyone wants da finer tings in life not just money, but whatever is success is too you or whatever da finer tings is too you.

What inspired you to write “Finer Tings” ?

Just achieving greatness and wanting da finer tings. Also to enjoy life and wanting to do better for yourself in others. We only got one life, why not live life to da fullest. I'm no different from anyone I literally come from nuttin.

What’s next for you?

More music, more content and giving you the best music you ever heard. I got another mixtape coming out soon with one of my producers big bozey. I got dandy freestyle out now on YouTube. I gotta another song called "whole lotta" prod. By big bozey and da video will be coming out as well. Just stay tuned ya boy is about to flood da streets wit surprises #silverfoxfoyall


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