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Young, Planetary Are Taking "Separate Rides Home"

The evolving alternative rock band Young, Planetary began their venture as a solo project yet quickly transformed into a fully realized band. Now releasing their emotional yet striking single, "Separate Rides Home," listeners can fully introduce themselves to Young, Planetary's anthemic rock tunes.

After establishing their versatile rock sound, Young, Planetary received the opportunity to tour the West Coast several times while garnering incredible attention in doing so. As the pandemic struck, Young, Planetary, and many other bands were stripped of touring live; however, the band jumped right back into the studio while gearing up for their next conceptual record.

Pouring a sweet and powerful groove over our speakers with "Separate Rides Home," Young, Planetary offers incredible energy while touching on quite an emotional lyrical topic. While the lead vocalist offers a highly engaging and stimulating performance, the rest of Young, Planetary perfectly amplifies the song's emotion through their invigorating arrangements.

Hitting play on "Separate Rides Home," the track begins with a punchy drum break alongside a magnetic array of guitars and a swift bassline that thumps through our speakers with vast energy and rhythm. As the lead vocalist makes his warm and relaxed appearance, he begins to enlighten listeners on the overwhelming sensation of feeling someone slip away at his fingertips.

We can't help but feel this overall nostalgic atmosphere through Young, Planetary's ode to punk-infused bands of the late 90s and early 00s. Not to mention the band's comprehensive chemistry, we can hear each delicate and fragile emotion pour through every melody and drum break while the lead vocalist makes the experience all the more memorable through his poetic lyricism.

Catch the energy and vibrance of Young, Planetary's recent hit, "Separate Rides Home," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We're more than impressed with the power and emotion you've placed into your latest hit, "Separate Rides Home." What inspired your group to write this anthemic piece?

This song is actually about a really gnarly breakup our singer went through a few years ago. The lyrics are both super specifically biographical and also somewhat intentionally vague as a way for listeners to be able to apply their own context to the song. We worked insanely hard on this particular track and it has some of the best performances from each member on the entire EP. Definitely a band and fan favorite and a song we love to play live.

Could you introduce us to your band members and how you divided the instrumental arrangements during your creative process for "Separate Rides Home"? What was it like behind the scenes?

The current lineup of Young, Planetary is:

Trevor Long - bass

Trevor Villagrana - guitar / vocals

Anthony Taylor - drums

Quinn Fillmore - guitar / vocals

The iteration of the band that worked on, “Locations I Can’t Place,” was slightly different when we were working on the record. We have since made some member changes, but the current crew is here to stay!

As for the writing process, we all worked separately on this song, and really the entire record. Our singer will typically have the structure for our songs more or less done and then bring it to the rest of the band who adds their own flare and offers suggestions on how to make it better. We were all living in different states throughout most of recording, so we weren’t ever in the same room during all of principal tracking, which is pretty crazy to think about looking back!

Luckily we had people like Aaron Williams and our homie Nik from Man Overboard to leave their imprints on the record and make it truly special.

What did you want the listener to feel and experience after listening to "Separate Rides Home"? What sort of emotions or thoughts did you want to trigger?

As with most of our songs, what we like to do is take some more melancholy lyrics and pair them with some really exciting, upbeat instrumentals. We just think this dichotomy between subject matter and presentation works really well for us and makes for some really great, accessible music for people. What we wanted for, “Separate Rides Home,” was for it to be the ultimate singalong song. We wanted it to be one of those songs that the crowd knew all the words to when we were playing it. And we wanted it to be thought provoking as well and create a lasting emotional connection. Which we definitely think we were able to do!

Does your group usually create a nostalgic punk-infused sound, similar to the vibe of "Separate Rides Home"? Who are some core musical influences of yours?

Well, we are definitely always going to be that, “nostalgic punk-infused,” type of band. That’s just our vibe. We do intend on incorporating some different sounds on our next record, which we are in the process of working on! As for our influences, the individuals in the band are all over the map. And if you’re curious what we were listening to during the writing and recording process of, “Locations,” go check out our Inspo playlist on Spotify.

What's next for you?

We suppose now would be as good a time as any to announce we are officially working on our next record! We won’t divulge too much, but we will be working with Aaron Williams again and we couldn’t be more excited. We also have a ton of vinyl to push. So, ideally there will be some live shows happening. But, we will see what happens with all of that. So, definitely keep an eye on our socials! We will for sure have some great stuff coming your way.


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