Young Rob Teams Up With Joko Magic For, "I Need Your Love"

Hip-hop, R&B, Afrobeat recording artist Young Rob, reigns from London where he began his music career once he was introduced to a London-based producer with the name of Ren The Producer. Ren played a pivotal role in getting Young Rob’s career started, as music has always been an inspiration for the merging artist himself.

At a young age, hanging out with older peers he was introduced to West Coast Hip-hop where he grew up listening to a lot of 2pac, Westside connection, The HotBoyz, and The Lost Boyz just to name a few.

Enlisting the talents of the Jazz infused sensation Joko Magic, both Young Rob and she give “I Need Your Love,” depth in the way it is presented to their fans. Immediately indulging us in instrumentation that is upbeat in Afrobeat meets Jazz tenors, this eclectic blend of music takes precedence in your playlist as you turn the volume up and soak up the golden horn notes.

Once Young Rob touches down, we’re introduced to melodic verses that have us reminiscing on 2000’s Hip-hop with the tonal distinction conveying his passion to win over a beautiful woman. The visuals for “I Need Your Love,” shine through your screen with a colorful landscape accentuating the very place where Young Rob is serenading the apple of his eye. On the steps of a condo where the two seem to be hitting it off, we transition between scenes of infatuation budding to love, and Young Rob getting intimate with his words as he raps to the camera.

Joining the visuals for her striking saxophone solo, Joko Magic makes her way to the screen in brightly colored fashion as she gives the performance of a lifetime to gently ease us off of the masterpiece that is “I Need Your Love.” This Samuel G production has the sweetest sides of Young Rob coming out to make an appearance. It can’t get smoother than this.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Young Rob, and congratulations on the release of “I Need Your Love.” This collaboration between yourself and Joko Magic is truly remarkable. How did you know that she would be perfect for this role in “I Need Your Love?"

Thank You. Well, "I Need Your Love" is a track I have been sitting on for a while. Initially, it was supposed to be an intro track on my upcoming album. listening back to the song, I felt it needed something. It needed a saxophone sound I said to myself. So I reached out to Joko Magic whose work I've always admired

What was it like working together with Joko Magic, and Samuel G on the production? Did the vision come to life the way you imagined?

It was nothing but good vibes. honestly, Samuel G is such a great and talented producer. His creativity levels are on a whole new planet. Joko Magic on the other hand was really fun to work with too. funny and upbeat. A very talented Saxophonist, I was actually buzzing with anticipation and excitement when I sent her the song to work on. I said to her "do your thing Joko" Less than 24 hours she sent that dope sax. It's crazy, it's like she knew exactly what was on my mind. It was everything I imagined. Also, a big shout out to my engineer Yann Gabriel who arranged and mixed the track.

Could you please shine a light on the onset experience of this track? We love the music video! It had us hooked through simplicity. It fit the vibe perfectly.

Yeah, Frostbite Films came through on that one. It was shot on the 27th of February 2021. Bywater street. In Chelsea (West London ), it had been a cold week throughout but on the day of the shoot, the weather changed and it felt like summer. We had such a great time shooting it. Good energy and good vibes all around. The residents on the street we shot it loved it too especially the Saxophone part.

What are you hoping that your audience takes away from “I Need Your Love?"

I'm hoping it uplifts them. I hope they do enjoy the song, the creativity, and the concept. We all need love and I definitely theirs.