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Young Sixx Proves That All That Glitters Isn't Gold

In an era that boasts money, cars, clothes, and women, Deshawn Johnson, better known as Young Sixx, is a refreshing talent on the music scene.

An Inglewood, California, native, the Hip hop artist has not only collaborated with industry heavyweights such as Nipsey Hussle and Rayven Justice but is a seasoned performer internationally. With a flawless flow and consistent and authentic delivery, Young Sixx strives to make relatable music that reaches across the world.

Utilizing the infamous sample from the hit song “Shining,” by DJ Khaled, Beyonce, and Jay-Z, Young Sixx recruits D.DOT in order to create his own flavored rendition of this smooth banger. The comforting tones in his lyrical dexterity flaunt self-assurance as well as his clear and present techniques as his skill set washes over you in one fell swoop.

By consistently keeping the mesmerizing hook identical to the original, Young Sixx adds that memorable appeal that has you drawn towards the composition as it pulls you in ever so tight. Soaked in the charismatic poise that effortlessly drips off of him, Young Sixx has you fully immersed in the pulsating bop. The dynamism between himself and D.DOT remains superior as their energy bounces off one in another to complement their vital stylings in an infectious manner.

As you find yourself rapidly addicted to their interpretation of, “Shining,” you appreciate each unique flair that they intricately placed into this composition with care. Taking the hues of “Shining,” into a seasoned course of up-tempo synthesis, Young Sixx weighs in supreme as we find this bop rather hard to forget. Lingering on our minds long after the song is over, we’re urged to click repeat, so we can take it all in once more.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Young Sixx! Congratulations on your release of, “Shining,” featuring D.DOT! What was it like working with one another in order to bring this song forth? How did the collaboration come to be?

Me and D.DOT are long-time collaborators but before that we are family !! DDOT always experimenting so when he heard the original it was moving positive energy and he just wanted to lay his own twist and give our character! The actual track was recorded 3 years ago but, I don’t find the right time to release it, but after all the pandemic, and social chaos I felt for me personally it’s time to shine, so I told DDOT lets re-record it and let it go!

What inspired you to create your own rendition of the song, “Shining”?

I felt the song didn’t last as long as it should because of the time and place of when it was released and the mood and vibe of the music, but now after so much turmoil and darkness, people will want to shine again

In terms of themes and messaging, what are you hoping that your audience takes away from this track?

Just to shine no matter what you are going thru, don’t let anyone cloud or block your shine and just feel good, all your wins may not be celebrated but you are still winning and enjoy that

What can we expect from you in terms of future releases in 2021?

I plan to be consistent to build a da base and catalog of music and offer variety and range of content.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

The music itself inspires me, I love the creative part of making the concept and storyline, and when it does gravitate to the fan's friends and supporters who let me know they feel the music and enjoy it too.

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