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Your Going to Fall in Love with Whapö's Latest Project, 'Löve Me'

Growing up around music, Whapö was born and raised in San Antonio where both of his parents played instruments and inspired him to pursue music. Always wanting to take the plunge, it wasn’t until last year where he took to releasing his own musical creations leading him to a ‘nothing can stop me,’ mentality.

Fresh off the release of his eight-track project 'Löve Me,' Whapö takes us through various themes that have us reflecting on who he is on a spectrum of sincerity. Beginning the album with the introductory single, ‘intrö,’ the buoyant statement piece incorporates a variety of shout-outs carefully placed together for the emerging artist as his friends, fans, and family pour their love out on this sonic canvas.

Taking us into the ethereal atmosphere of Whapö’s vocals serenading the speakers in brief melodies that have us prepared to take in the rest of the project, Whapö has us immersed in an ambiance not often found.

Falling into a similar instrumentation scheme with the song “Stranger,” the striking timbres of Whapö approach this minimalistic beat in a way that makes us feast on a reverberated chamber of croons that are prominent in how they’re conveyed.

Whapö emits a narrative that reflects on falling in love with someone you don’t know, even though you know they’re the one for you. With such a hopeless romantic appeal to the vulnerable story divulged, we can’t get over the ease that Whapö applies to have him swerving in and out of verses in a buttery fashion.

“Call when yöu want me,” has us fully absorbed in the funk-fueled environment that radiates arrangements of opulent guitar riffs and a resonated bassline. The tonal distinction of Whapö casts out a Khalid-esque feel to the vibrant energy captivated within the speakers as Whapö navigates us through a protruding sense of emotion overflowing from his soul. Lured into the smooth nature of his verses, the chorus rejoices in a way that’s reflective of the thought-provoking messaging stirred up in the song’s subject matter. Dripping in summertime vibes, it’s the invitation to groove that has us caught up on this track.

Swaying into a realm of pop-punk vivacity that shifts the gears on this project, the halfway mark of “Löve Me,” has us taking in the title track and the fourth song heard. With the up-tempo nature of this record acting as the stand-out moment for him to capture the attention of the one, he has eyes for, Whapö leaves it all on the table to make an impact. Combining a seamless blend of textured dimensions as we admire the swift cadences that Whapö provides, our minds grasp onto the transitional moment that has us looking at Whapö in a new light.

After what seems like his best efforts to win over the girl of his dreams, “Playböy,” is here to shine a new perspective on the opposite spectrum of love, where lust comes knocking on Whapö’s door. Exuding instrumentation that takes the route of Trap hits, we’re locked into the enticing hi-hats that trickle through this piece. Whapö delivers a direct series of lyrics that have us bouncing to the words conveyed, as the carefree energy released takes us to newfound heights. Weighing in on how he authentically feels, the emphasis that’s placed into this track loops us into the realistic views of “Löve Me.”

“luv war,” allows the slowed-down tempo to have us reflecting on the conclusions that Whapö makes on his road to love. After realizing that the effects of lust can’t trump what the heart truly desires, this brilliantly placed track tiptoes into the eclectic essence of despair as Whapö knows what he needs to do to win the apple of his eye over. With his charisma being captured from the various angles of this realm, we feel the unveiling of each moment play into one another all while standing out on their own.

Falling deep into the Spanish/English jurisdiction of timeless bops, “Mamacita,” is here to ease us into the impeccably placed percussion hits that drive the beat forward. Welcoming us into the soothing timbres of melismatic meaning, the sensual rush of a relationship is made known by Whapö and his ability to vividly deliver his lyrical motifs. After embracing the push and pull that we all experience in love, the effortlessly striking spirit that resides in “Mamacita,” has us hanging onto the physical side of Whapö that’s exposed through his harmonious concoctions.

Reaching the final song on'Löve Me,' we come to the heartfelt, acoustic ballad “Take Me.” Coming directly from the heart of Whapö, the picturesque words are layered with resonated tones that take us into the world that Whapö has intended to fashion. Each word performed has us awestruck with the vulnerability he has exposed on his journey that has landed him at this very moment of the project. Completely altering the vibe, and once again showing us his artistic versatility, this is a moment that we can get behind through the ever-growing motions of love.

Listen to Whapö's album 'Löve Me' on all streaming platforms today.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Whapö. A huge congratulations on the release of your recent album, 'Löve Me.' With love being such a universal language across the world, what was it that inspired you to take your own experiences and make a full album based on the winding road it can take you on?

Well, I had posted a song called “luv war” and all my fans were asking what next. I wanted to make an album but I had no idea what and where to start. It took about a month for me to start writing the first song of the album I heard one beat and knew exactly what I wanted for the album.

How long did it take you to create and record the collection of songs that we’re exposed to? Was it always in the plans to have these eight, specific songs on 'Löve Me?'

It honestly didn’t take that long to make this album. After I knew I wanted to make an album, I would just spend every night listening to beats throwing lyrics out until I found the perfect ones. When I would go record I would record two songs at a time. At first, I didn’t know what the album was about, but each time I went to the studio I realized I had a love story in my hands. So when I was making the song “löve me” I knew that would be the name of the album.

Do you happen to have a song on this project that resonates with you more than the others? Why?

"Call when yöu want me" is probably my favorite song on the album. It was just so fun to record and the last song I wrote for the album. I wrote it in about an hour maybe less and when I finished I texted my friend/engineer J-minu$ so excited about it. When I went to record it, it just came outs so nice and smooth such a vibe and that’s what I’m all about.

What plays a role in letting you be your most creative self? Could you please share a glimpse of the creative process you embarked on when bringing these songs to life?

The first thing I do when making a song is looking for a beat that moves me. I freestyle/hum over them and see what it could become. It makes me want to finish it and gets me excited for what I could make. I love making music. I’ll make music all night just to see if I can finish writing. Once I’m done with the song I go to the studio and record it.

What is the main message that you’d like your audience to take away from 'Löve Me?'

The main message I want my fans to take away from 'Löve Me' is to listen to it from beginning to end. I put a lot of thought and my own love into it and thank you to all those who listen and support me.


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