Youthful Artist Stella Prince Is a Fresh of Breath Air in Current Country Music

Youthful artist Stella Prince is bringing a refreshing feel to the folk music world. As a singer/songwriter, Stella Prince aims to use her music as a discussion platform, where she's able to communicate her personal experiences to listeners. Being exposed to a variety of genres growing up, Stella Prince always knew that Folk music resonated most with her, and the playful emotionality of folk is what fit Stella's personality. Stella's sound has matured over the time Stella has been focusing on her artistry, and she's putting her focus on the continuation of releasing melodic content that contains meaningful experiences from her life.

As Stella Prince's career in music began to flourish, the detail in her music began to advance. With many efforts focused on shaping and crafting her ultimate sound, we're anticipating the development in Stella Prince's sound. She's receiving pivotal mentorship, and hopefully, Stella Prince continues to prosper from this point forward. Some goals that Stella Prince outlined for us earlier were the desire to develop more music, hopefully with a more refined craft on her end. Back in Nashville, Stella Prince is planning to play at various venues in the future, as well as planning some surprises for listeners.

Check out Stella Prince and her music, here.