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Yreva Flow Drops Hot New Track “Rendezvous”

Yreva Flow (You. Receive. Eternal. Visions. Abundantly. For. Love. Over. Wealth.) is a

young and independent American Hip Hop artist that grew up in Palmdale, California. Since ten years old, Yreva has envisioned being a talented and successful recording artist. His father could play multiple instruments such as the piano and drums and played a large part in inspiring Yreva to be involved in music. After dabbling in talent shows and freestyle ciphers in high school, Yreva was able to release two solo mixtapes in his teenage years. At 25 years old he released his debut EP titled “Slave II Society” which is available on all streaming platforms! With so much success already and fresh off the release of his newest single “Rendezvous”, Yreva Flow is off to an explosive launch into the music industry.

“Rendezvous” is a versatile track about Yreva’s humble climb to success and the groupies that want attention for the wrong reasons. Yreva Flow spits truth about how much he respects loyal women, but these women aren’t the loyal type. Yreva Flow is aware and conscious of the fake people around him. It won’t deter his focus on the money. His ambition and desire to be successful is too powerful. The production of “Rendezvous” is a unique and experimental retro sound behind Yreva’s expert bars. This fusion creates an explosive sound arrangement. Heavy and deliberate, Yreva creates music that is easy to vibe along to and admire. Stay on the lookout for this spectacular up and comer.

Check out “Rendezvous” here and read more below in our interview!

Hi Yreva Flow! Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers?

Well I go by the name Yreva, and I’m currently a independent hip hop artist that has a passion of making music I’m a young 28 year old that is based in Palmdale California right now.

How did you come up with this stage name?

It’s kind of unique how I came up with this name, during my musical journey I had several aliases and I told myself I needed a permanent name that would fit, so my last name is Avery so I just reversed it and came up with Yreva, as far as the acronyms I’ve always been a visionary since a kid and I’m always in tuned with God so I decided to come up with You Receive Eternal Visions Abundantly for Love Over Wealth.

Who are your top three musical influences?

My top 3 influences musically are 2pac Shakur,Logic AkA Bobby!!! And Nasir Jones aka nas!They all played a role on my influence growing up especially 2pac!!!

What’s the meaning behind your track “Rendezvous”?

The meaning behind the song “rendezvous” is simple, put your money where your feet is and go chase the BAG!!!  

Is the release of this single leading up to another EP?

It’s possible, but for now ima leave it as a single, although I am working on a full project but the content of my next project is different from “rendezvous” so it really depends on what I’m cooking up in the studio but for these next few months I plan on dishing out singles to my fans and supporters , my next project title is TBA, but it should be finished by the end of this year .


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