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Yulo Reminds Us Of Home With “Grow Old With You”

Julius Korbela aka Yulo is a multi-instrumentalist from Slovakia who effortlessly ties his production and songwriting skills together with his gift for storytelling. Yulo’s journey led him to the world of EDM where he and his music partner Wole Agbaje would go on to create a sound together under the moniker “HYTES," a name that would come to match their dreamy in-the-clouds sound.

With all that Yulo learned from his experience with EDM he decided it was time to put his knowledge towards a new genre and build himself up as a new solo pop artist. Refining his sound to a more organically personal tone Yulo gives us a first-hand look at his latest single, "Grow Old With You."

As we enter the world of “Grow Old With You,” we are greeted with a very polished guitar riff that gives a warm campfire vibe that would make anyone want to cozy up for storytime. Yulo tastefully displays his classic EDM production style through his key sound selection, such as the heavy electric guitar in the chorus that gives the song a new energy, mixed with his bright poppy vocals “Grow Old With You” effortlessly sends festival-worthy rhythms to deliver us a fusion of a mood that can only be described as “future-nostalgia."

His intentions come through with a pure adoration for his significant other even though it comes to a lonely road in the end. Lines like “Only you can make me feel like home/You’re the only one I wanna grow old with” truly make you reminisce about that first spark of love you ever felt.

If you’re feeling cold "Grow Old With You" is sure to warm you up, check it out on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Yulo! Your talents really show on "Grow Old With You," with such an electric-focused genre under your belt with EDM did you find it difficult to transition to a more mellow tone?

Thank you so much for having me. I didn’t find it difficult in fact, the transition was much easier than I thought. EDM music is a very difficult genre from the production perspective, and because I’ve been doing EDM music for some time, I’ve learnt a lot from it. Now I feel like pop music is a little bit easier type of genre which is good because I can be more consistent with releasing more music.

Of all the genres to experiment with, what drew you towards pop from EDM?

Well, I always felt that I am closer to pop music and my vocal fits in better my lyrics were always about love and heartbreak which I guess is more common in pop music.

What's the message you'd like people to take away from "Grow Old With You?"

That’s a good question there’s not really a message for people because this song is about the girl that I liked and later on she lost her interest in me, but she didn’t want to tell me, so I had to ask what was going on. But I wasn’t really heartbroken because I asked early enough. So yeah, maybe I would say don’t be afraid to ask and talk if you feel like something is wrong. The more you wait the more it’ll hurt when it comes to it.

What is your favorite DAW to use? And why?

My favorite DAW to use is FL Studio. I mean, of course, I tried different DAWs like Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase etc. But I started with FL Studio and I stay loyal to it haha.

What is next for Yulo after this first release?

Well, I have a bunch of songs I am currently working on. There’s one that’ll probably be my next release, and it’s a bit fuller with some interesting electronic-sounding elements and a catchy drop. And after that, I am planning on doing an acoustic version of these two releases as well as some collaborations, which will be in my native language and more, so definitely stay tuned.

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