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Yung Apaulo Kills It In “Pardon Me”

Yung Apaulo was born and raised in Barrie Ontario. He always loved music growing up as it got him through countless good and bad times. Once he began making his own music, he felt as if this was something he was meant to do. He didn’t have much growing up so he worked a difficult job full time and tried to balance it with music the best way he could. When he first began his career, he was making music on his phone with his earphones and mic. He’s still pretty small, however, he’s slowly working his way up although the views don’t matter to him, he just wants to make music for him and everybody else to enjoy.

Yung Apaulo Released “Pardon Me” featuring the rappers Kimo and Kil. “Pardon Me” began with a haunting introduction with a dramatic piano key melody. Right before the dark-like vocal resonance transitioned in, with a dope beat supporting it. “Pardon Me” had an extremely catchy hook with the most whimsical lyrics we’ve ever heard. The bars in this record were super dope. Many people would love the metaphors and punchlines Yung Apaulo, Kimo, And Kil created. Although the song doesn’t have much length to the record, within those 2 minutes you feel an entire jam session with these 3 young talented MC’s. Each rapper brings a different dimension to the song while riding the beat in 3 different waves. It felt as if each verse from each rapper distinguished them apart due to how each one was so vibrantly different. However, after you received one killer verse, another one transitioned in, creating a back and forth oscillates of punches from each rapper. “Pardon Me” can be a huge hit that could essentially skyrocket the careers of these 3 young gentlemen.

Listen to "Pardon Me" here and get to know more about Yung Apaulo below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Yung Apaulo! In what ways has your upbringing essentially impacted your artistry today?

Ever since I started to become an artist people have definitely looked different at me, some in good and some in bad ways. Both have helped me grow in good ways we’ll the hate keeps me motivated the love and support makes me feel good.

Who are some of your musical influences and in what ways have they inspired you as an artist?

One of my biggest musical influences is juice Wrld I’ve been listening to him since he released his “mmm freestyle” I liked how he is always him self and has his own cool style and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. I can also relate to him because he’s not afraid to hide anything and speaks his mind.

Let’s talk about “Pardon Me”. this was a HIT. what was the entire vision behind this?

The vision behind pardon me was made by the producers kimo and kil but my personal vision with the song was just to have a great song everyone can enjoy and blast on their speakers in their car or at home!

How would you describe the arrangement in “Pardon Me”?

We loved the execution of it.The arrangement in pardon me was perfect with kimos catchy hook and kils fire verse with mine back to back sounded amazing together and flowed just the way we wanted it to.

Any exciting summer plans Yung Apaulo?

This summer I’m putting my main focus into music we’ll still tryin to grind out work but also have some great times with friends and party!


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