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Yung Chapp Releases The Story Of Heartbreak In “Kansas”

Yung Chapp is a young rapper who always had the love and passion for music. Listening to a significant amount of artists growing up, hip-hop & rap has always been something he loved. When he was in elementary, he used to write poetry then later on when he transitioned into high-school he experienced some hard times and discovered how writing music truly helped him. This led to him transitioning into the genre of rap, and he’s hoping to give it everything he gots!

Yung Chapp released the single titled “Kansas” and this emotional record is about the sad truth that comes with heartbreak and being in love. What once may have felt like you were in the land of Oz, just quickly threw you back into the reality of things. “Kansas” has a strong lyrical presence to cover this meaning. The beauty of rap is the multiple variations you can go while still remaining the entertaining factor of it all. While listening to “Kansas” you grasp the idea that Yung Chapp is possibly more of a lyrical rapper, rather than a “Trap rapper”. However, the way he executes his flow and the strength in his delivery, we’re sure he would make a powerhouse in all sub-genres of rap. “Kansas” was a nice, relaxed vibe where you can find truth within the verses. We loved the comforting aesthetic it gave us, with a nice energetic vibration.

Listen to "Kansas" here and get to know more about Yung Chapp in our interview below!

Welcome To BuzzMusic Yung Chapp! Growing up, who were the main rappers you recalled yourself listening to? Were they your influences, and if not who are a few of your musical inspirations?

When I was growing up I mainly listed to Eminem. Thanks to my brother and my parents I listen to a whole bunch of different music growing up. I got intro rap a little later but Eminem was my first experience really with it all, and slowly but surely as I grew up I fell in love with it all and listened to way more artists, new school and old. When it comes to my influences, those actually come from "newer" artists, such as logic, J.cole, and Ski mask the slump god. Their music really helped me find a lot for me to do it myself & have fun with it. 

You’re super poetic in the way you spit! Would you say your history in writing poetry benefitted this? How would you describe your songwriting approach to us?

Thank you, I definitely do think my history with writing did benefit me, but not just because I thought I was really good or anything, but I was able to find something I really liked. When it comes to my ding writing process it's a little bit all over the place to be completely honest. I'm always learning and improving and it's quite hard to actually break down my whole process unfortunately. 

Let’s talk about “Kansas” ! you stated this song was about the reality of a heartbreak. As relatable as this is, in what ways were you able to personally connect with the meaning of this song?

When it comes to Kansas, my story with it was just about my first experience with love really. I've been through heartbreaks before and been down before but, when you're madly in love it's almost like a second half of you is missing when it ends. Even though things are over and done with this person was still a huge part of my life, and messed me up in a lot of different ways, good and bad. Kansas is just the half way point of it all, just in shock but trying to push forward from it all. Glad it happened but in the end it just hurt, back in Kansas. 

What were some obstacles you face in the creation of this record?

I didn't face too many obstacles in the process of making the song, it was more therapeutic than anything. The only obstacle I actually faced was putting the song out, because it's probably my most personal song out so far. So it was just a bit nerve wracking kind of wrapping my head around it all.

What’s next for you Yung Chapp?

More songs of course! I only plan on going up from here. I hope to be doing shows soon and releasing a lot more music. in fact I plan on dropping tracks in June, July, August & September. A whole lot more is definitely on the way, and I don't plan on slowing down or giving up anytime soon! 


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