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Yung Dee Releases New Diverse Hit, “Clout Chaser”

Yung Dee is an 18-year-old from Florida whose trying to transform his dreams into a reality and is looking to spread his music and his following.

Yung Dee knows exactly how to appeal to a crowd of hip-hop lovers with his new single titled “Clout Chaser”. The beat in this record went hard, but my favorite part of this song was the way Yung Dee delivered. The metaphors in“Clout Chaser” instantly brought a smile to my face. You know when you hear lyrics that are so dope you get to laughing, smiling. Well, that’s exactly what we experienced from “Clout Chaser”. The way Yung Dee rode the beat like a perfect wave was way too impressive. Yung Dee definitely has what it takes to become a hit-maker in the rap game. He knows how to construct a catchy hook and well-arranged verses that bring ultimate entertainment.

Yung Dee can weave between the styles of trap rapping and conscious rap. He finds a balance in lyrical ability with hype energy. How can this get any better? A lyricist who can also flow on a colorful beat as Yung Dee did is just remarkably interesting in this current wave of hip-hop. Yung Dee shows you can be a multitude of elements as a rapper instead of sticking to one singular surface style of rap. Yung Dee is a refreshing newcomer to the game and we’re excited to see what he delivers next!

Listen to "Clout Chaser" here and check out the full interview with Yung Dee below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Yung Dee! We’re happy to have you. What inspired you to began making music? How has the journey been so far for you?

What inspired me to make music was my uncle to be honest. He used to be a rapper until he died at 22. The journey has been slow and steady but i'll win the race.

What are some of the challenges you face as a new upcoming artist in the rap industry?

One of the challenges is Getting a following. Promotions like this one are a great way to start.

Do you have an idea on what your specific sound of music is? Or do you like to explore other genres in-depth?

My sound is my truth and my perspective on how I view the world around me.

What was the overall vision behind your single “Clout Chaser”?

I was just shaming the clout chasers we have in this generation, People would do anything for a little fame and it makes me sick.

How do you plan to continue elevating yourself and your career?

I plan on rising to the top by creating more good music and spreading my sound nation wide. This is only the beginning and only time will tell.


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