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Yung Kaye Opens Up In “I Miss U Grace”

Yung Kaye is an 15 year old artist who was born in Huntington Beach, California where he grew up. He moved to Dana Point, California and met Mon Rovia who has helped him progress in his music. As a freshman in high school, he had a girlfriend who constantly dimmed on his light and told him how he wouldn’t make anything of himself from his music. This caused fights with not only him and her, but him and his parents as well since they agreed with the girlfriend at that time. While dating his girlfriend, Yung Kaye had two open heart surgeries alongside the tragedy of his best friend's death. His friend’s death ended up sending Yung Kaye into depression, resulting into the breakup of him and his girlfriend. He channeled the loss of his girl and his friend into his music, creating themes of heartbreak, and love. His music is inspired by Juice Wrld, and his hometown hero Yung Pinch.

Yung Kaye released his single titled “I Miss U Grace” which begins with an melodic piano introduction setting the mood for the song to be more emotional. Yung Kaye opens his heart and his feelings in “I Miss U Grace”, conveying an highly sentimental piece. The groundbreaking song strides against the motions of the poignant and poetic beat. Yung Kaye allows his vulnerability to prevail in the song, and strips away the fake artist character most musicians tend to fail at. Yung Kaye is more than an artist but he’s a human just like us who feels the emotions we feel. He has a brave and bold aura about his character due to his ability to become un-guarded in his lyrics, connecting with his listeners on a more natural, and authentic nature. You can relate to the bonafide true lyrics while becoming serenaded by his unique, harmonically-rich vocals. “I Miss U Grace" is a song we can become sad too, but feel as if our spirits and soul are becoming musically replenished. Yung Kaye delivered this effortlessly and we’re anticipating his next release! In the meantime become apart of his journey with “I Miss U Grace”

Listen to " I Miss U Grace" here and get to know more about Yung Kaye below!

What are some challenges you find yourself enduring in the creation of a song?

Some of the challenges I face during my writing process is making my story more general so EVERYONE scan relate to it and not just myself.

Tell us about “I Miss U Grace” and the meaning behind it?

“i miss U grace” was really inspired by a girl named Grace. Looking back on our relationship I now see it was very lustful and lacking in trust which is explained in the first verse. In the second verse it starts with “Shorty wanna rock with me now that I am bossed up” and that’s a very general and true statement. Everyone wants to come back in your life when you start making moves and that’s when you see true colors.

What inspired you to write “I Miss U Grace” ?

Again, my inspiration for the song was a real relationship with a girl named Grace. The first verse is looking back on the relationship and the second verse covers the current relationship and her trying to be friends ans ignore all the lost love now my clout is up a little.

How does the title of the song reflect the theme of the lyrics?

The lyrics relate to the title in the sense it’s a reflection of the relationship. “Dancing on the city lights, looking at your eyes, and we’re loving on the fact that we’re ignoring all the lost love” is really a deep way of saying “I miss you.” because if we’re hanging out now, I obviously miss it.

What’s next for you, Yung Kaye?

Honestly when I think about what’s next for me I like to picture 100k streams across all platforms and maybe label interest. I am very new to the industry and have a TON of improvements to act upon, I know this year, 2019 will be a huge year for me as an artist. I just hope to pick up forward momentum and be steady growing. I have a show in LA in 5/16 so that could also be an opportunity for me. 


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