YungFace Encourages Us to Do Some Reflecting in, "I Got This"

From Phoenix, Arizona, the influential hip-hop artist, rapper, and songwriter YungFace releases an incredibly meaningful single and accompanying music video entitled "I Got This."

Discovering his passion for music creation during his incarceration, YungFace felt compelled to releases his authentic and honest creations for anyone to nod their head to. Inspired by his daughters, family, and MBK | MSK, YungFace never fails to shine a light on necessary topics while leaving the listener in a state of reflection.

Recently releasing his thorough single and music video for "I Got This," listeners can catch YungFace in his prime, delivering a significant lyrical concept while grooving to the song's downtempo and passionate production. Throughout the music video, YungFace makes his way around Pheonix while telling a genuine tale of life's trials and tribulations.

Plunging into the single, "I Got This," the track opens with a warm piano melody alongside a haunting ghost vocal and a bright woodwind instrument that later drops into the tender beat. As YungFace makes his powerful and mighty vocal appearance, he swoons any listener with his intense performance while touching on the needed change within society and, more importantly, our police force who continues to oppress and discriminate against fellow human beings.

We're truly impressed with YungFace's tenacity and mental endurance throughout this track, as he reminds listeners to put their fists up and strive for change while allowing us to bop our heads to the soulful beat. As the song makes its way to the outro, YungFace closes the track on an incredibly reflective and necessary note.

Take time to examine how you can make a change with help from YungFace's latest single, "I Got This," now available on all digital streaming platforms.