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Yvonne Sangudi Is Giving Off Some Real Heat With "MistaRomeo"

Yvonne Sangudi is taking the music industry by storm with her appealing stage presence, attractive image, and hit making sound. After taking a four year hiatus, she returned to bless everybody with her release of “MistaRomeo” her second hit single, described as sultry, fusion of upbeat pop reggae-ton that stood her apart from all the upcoming pop divas! The single entered BuzzMusic’s Top 50 Hits In Los Angeles at #42 in November 2018 and peaked at #1 on December 15, 2018.  She was coined as the “Next Songtress” by the Huffington Post. Yvonne Sangudi is a Tanzanian American world-class singer. She got an early start in show business at the age of nine, recording, writing and performing music. For over nineteen years she learned the ins and outs of what it takes to succeed in the entertainment industry, by working behind-the-scenes at top television broadcasting networks and music record labels. It wasn't until she founded Éclat Media Enterprises, inc. in Los Angeles, CA, that she took control of her career, and the spotlight.

Yvonne has summoned us into the powerful new realm of her music. A sound described as an uplifting mix of elegant pop fused with world-beat-inspired production, Yvonne's music does not sound like anyone else's. Her powerful 5-octave range and personal, metaphorical writing style has differentiated her from other pop singers. Yvonne Sangudi is a rising icon who is destined to make her own signature mark on the industry and has been proving herself constantly with her fire music and growing popularity. The recognition she is starting to receive more and more is just an example of how Yvonne knows how to appeal to an audience and pop out in the overcrowded music industry. It is clear that this rising star is perfectly positioned to become a cultural and global music ambassador, linking together world-beat and Pop music for all to hear and if you aren’t a fan now? You are sure to become a fan in the future!

Don't miss out on her new single, give "MistaRomeo" a listen to here.


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