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Zachariah Idestrom Conveys Raw Vulnerability In “Photograph”

Zachariah Idestrom is an Pop/R&B artist born and raised near Toronto, Canada. He strives to deliver music that speaks to fans across the entire musical spectrum. His strong musical background and talent can be accredited to his upbringing, ambition, and passion for music. Both of Zachariah’s parents were heavily involved in music during his life and he continues on that path. A solo artist since 2018, Zachariah is skilled at playing the violin, piano, guitar, trumpet, french horn, and bass guitar. Although he may be from a the small town of New Market, Ontario, he’s got big things in store.

“Photograph” is a killer new hit from Zachariah Idestrom. The melancholy tune and catchy guitar riff kick off the song to an incredible start. Zachariah’s smooth and flawless vocals are soon introduced and blew me away. As an experience and practiced vocalist, Zachariah effortless conveys emotional vulnerability and raw energy through his lyrics. I believe these lyrics can be interpreted in different ways depending on the listener. Zachariah Idestrom has honed in on his talent of being able to relate to his fans on a personal level. On one hand, I hear a man who has lost the love of his life, but on another hand, I hear a love that hasn’t yet been found. It’s a catchy anthem for the longing of love. “Photograph” features artist’s Apompeo dope verses that give the track an edgy, but still a very raw and meaningful feeling. Overall, the song “Photograph” is an emotionally-rich and powerful song. Stay on the lookout for Zachariah Idestrom, up and coming and explosive.

Listen to “Photograph” here and get to know more about Zachariah Idestrom below!

How your passion for music originally developed?

Both of my parents were very musical! As I grew up, I was constantly surrounded by music from my dad and put into music lessons at a very young age. 

Can you telling us the meaning behind “Photograph”? What inspired it?

I wrote this song back in November when I was going through a rough spot and trying to figure out my life. The night I wrote this, I was in my room working on music and found myself looking through different photos of friends and some other people. So that night I recorded the chorus but then forgot about it for a couple months. A couple months later I was with Apompeo working on music and I opened this project up and we listened to it. After we went through it a couple times he related to it a lot and we finished it up.

Can we expect to see more collaborations with Apompeo?

Yes, Apompeo is an amazing artist and a close friend of mine! There will definitely be more songs from us in the future.

Who are your top three musical inspirations?

My top three inspirations are my Dad, Kygo and Gawvi.

Will you be releasing a full EP in the near future?

Yes, this single is a pre-release to my album SUMMER NIGHTS. which drops on May 31st!


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