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Zack Ultra’s Dope Track “Trap Trap Trap Trap Trap” Will Take You To Another Level

Zack Ultra is a multi-talented artist from Harlem, Georgia. He’s a rapper and skilled lyricist with an ear for what makes a hot track. The name Ultra comes from the words definition: to go above and beyond the limit, no matter what. Zack Ultra is not only an artist, he has his own label (The Better Music Bureau MG), a clothing brand (EVOLVE), a cannabis brand (Ultradam), and a nonprofit (Team Ultra Foundation). On top of all of that, he’s a proud husband and father.

His dope track “Trap Trap Trap Trap Trap” is bumping on repeat. The song’s message is simple and explained “I refuse to be broke”. Zack Ultra had a difficult childhood, at the age of nine his mother was wrongly incarcerated and his father was not in the picture. He says that at that time music adopted him. In his mid twenties he decided to take his career seriously and start doing everything in his life on an ULTRA level. Zack Ultra decided to take his life into his own hands and not be a victim of circumstance. The way he approached his life, his drive, his work ethic, his motivation, his heart, mind, body soul all to another level. I think that “Trap Trap Trap Trap Trap” really embodies that message with the meaningful and vulnerable lyricism. Zack Ultra flow is precise and flawless as he recites every bar with timed perfection and style. The production quality is incomparable and the back beat is addicting. I’m adding “Trap Trap Trap Trap Trap” to my playlist for when I need inspiration, motivation and a track to vibe to. I don’t think that Zack Ultra came this far to only come this far so stay on the lookout for more polished tracks.

Listen to “Trap Trap Trap Trap Trap” here. Scroll down to read our interview with Zack Ultra!


Hi Zack! Can you start by telling us how you picked the name Zack Ultra?

I started with the name Danger, and as I was starting to take my music career seriously I said to myself I need to change my name to something cool and marketable. One night a had a show, and after soundcheck a friend of my was outside with is nephew. When he introduced me to his nephew and said "this is my friend Danger." His nephew said "is he going to hurt me?" So then i knew if I was wanted to be a household name I can't use Danger. I was looking for words that describe going above beyond, a word better than best, and looked up the word ULTRA. I just didn't want to be named Ultra, so I added first name Zack, just because I always wanted my name to be Zack. No deep reason behind it, its' a cool name.

Can you tell us about your writing process and where you find inspiration to write?

I don't write, I just turn the beat on and starting writing in my head by building the verses every time the beat repeats. Sometimes it takes about 30 minutes, sometimes it takes a few days, it all depends how I want to deliver the song. I like coming up with concepts, and putting some thought into the content of the song. I don't want to be too lyrical, nor too simple, and want to be sure my listener can relate and enjoy the vibe.

What are some challenges you’ve faced as an artist and how have you overcome them?

My biggest struggle has been having the funds to invest into what I need for marketing and promoting to reach more people. I have developed other brands to help fund my music; EVOLVE by Zack Ultra my clothing brand, and Ultradam my cannabis brand. Also i offer studio time, mixing, mastering, and graphic design to help bring in extra money. Asked for more hours at my job, and read books and strategies on marketing to reach a broader fanbase. within the last year my streaming numbers and follower have increased, more than doubled.

What are three things you’d love for the fans and readers to know about you?

1. That enjoy creating a different vibe for my fans to zone out to no matter what they are going through. 2. I love weed 3. I'm a cool guy, but brutally honest.

For someone who has never seen your live performance, how would you describe yourself?

I study performers like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Run DMC, DMX, Busta Ryhmes. I know they come to see a show, so I'm not just going to stand there and hold the mic. They will see and feel my energy.


Remember to check out Zack Ultra on his socials for the latest on releases!


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