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Zaida Opens Her Heart in an Emotional Release, "Stay"

A Miami music mystery, singer-songwriter, recording artist, and composer Zaida releases a deeply emotional and vulnerable listening experience entitled "Stay."

First and foremost, Zaida was inspired by her composer and artist mother, who left a young Zaida wowed by her intricate and harmonious piano playing. Creating music and poetic lyrics based on her life experiences, Zaida strives to let her music be the window to her soul for the world to peek in.

Now releasing her heartfelt and emotional single, "Stay," listeners are able to form a more personal relationship with Zaida's music as she expands on topics like family dynamics. With this release, in particular, Zaida elaborates on losing her father and wishing he could have stayed around longer.

Hitting play on "Stay," the venture begins with a saddened piano melody alongside a delicate string section, setting the song's emotional and cinematic tone. As Zaida begins to haunt our speakers with her soft and serene vocal stylings, she starts to paint fragile images of talking with her father in her dreams and speaking words that were unfortunately left unsaid.

As the song begins to pick up in energy and emotion, the chilling string section takes us to the song's hook while Zaida sings an emotional message of wishing for her father to stick around a while longer. We're deeply impressed with the emotional and vulnerable lyricism that Zaida has delivered in this piece, as it allows any listeners to bask in the glory of her vocal prowess and lyrical relatability.

Feel your heart sink further into your chest with help from Zaida's latest release, "Stay," available on all digital streaming platforms.

A warm welcome back to BuzzMusic Zaida, it is always a pleasure catching up with you. We deeply appreciate such an honest and emotional song like "Stay." At what moment did you feel inspired to write a song about your late father?

I was daddy’s little girl. He was my best friend, my movie buddy, and my everything in between. When my dad passed away four years ago, I instantly wanted to write a song for him/about him. I wanted to always clearly remember him, and for me, that was through a song. But I honestly believe that I missed him so much, that I couldn’t seem to focus on those beautiful memories, and in turn, I had no words to describe my emotions. I was engulfed with so much sadness. I would write a line every now and again. I remember being so frustrated that I could not write a song for him. Because that is who I am, I am a songwriter, and yet, that melody would not come to fruition. It took four years for those words to emerge from my heart onto paper. Did you compose the cinematic and emotional instrumentals for "Stay?" How did you create the instrumentals to be so emotional?

I originally composed Stay on my acoustic guitar. When I was ready to record the song, in my mind, I simply heard a piano and a cello. Those two instruments combined, create a melancholy feeling. That was the emotion I wanted to portray in the song. In order to record the pure emotion of Stay, the piano and my vocals were recorded simultaneously, which is not common when recording a song. Normally, one records the instruments first, and the vocals then follow. Of all of the songs I have ever recorded, which have been many, Stay was the most challenging, vocally speaking. I felt bad for the pianist because I would start crying mid-sentence, and have to stop, and re-record. We did that a few times. The pianist was a good sport. I think he was crying along with me! What do you hope your audience takes away from the single "Stay?" What did you want them to feel after experiencing this emotional single?

2020-2021 has been difficult for many people. I want my song Stay to be a voice for those who have lost someone dear to them, but they do not have the words to express how they feel. I want them to know that I understand how they feel and that I am there in the moment with them. Did you face any personal challenges when writing your vulnerable and emotional lyrics for "Stay?" Or was your songwriting process rather therapeutic?

It was very challenging writing the lyrics for Stay. It took me four years to write a song, that’s only over 2 minutes long. About a few months ago, I sat on my bed, with my guitar in hand, and a glass of red wine. I was originally learning a cover song. Then, I started strumming an unknown melody, which turned out to be the chorus of Stay. Which that in itself was bizarre because I never write the chorus to a song first. The lyrics transferred from my soul, onto my song journal. Then I started flipping through the pages finding the one-liners I wrote throughout the years, and the verses came about. It took me 20 minutes to compose Stay. I recorded the song on my phone only one time. Every time I tried to play it live, I would choke up. But I was so happy that my dad’s song finally came to life. What's next for you?

I am working on a country song! As well as the second cozy mystery book to my series The Miami Music Mystery. I can’t wait to share it with you!


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