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Zay4G Displays His Love and Devotion in a New Single, "Safe With Me"

From Colorado to California, recording artist, and producer Zay4G expresses his profound passion in a new and refreshing single, "Safe With Me."

Currently attending Stanford University, Zay4G is also a football Quarterback on the team out west. When not on the field, Zay4G expresses his emotions via the art of songwriting and music creation. Creating spoken word poetry for over a decade now, Zay4G is constantly evolving his craft while developing his understanding of music production, songwriting, mixing, mastering, and marketing.

Opening his heart with his recent release, "Safe With Me," listeners can catch a passionate and devoted Zay4G exclaiming his love for someone dear while grooving to the song's blend of r&b, pop, and hip-hop. We love the uplifting and soothing feel of this single, as it perfectly introduces us to the stylings of Zay4G and his approach to contemporary songwriting.

Jumping into the single, "Safe With Me," the track takes off with smooth and lush vocals that set the song's passionate tone while a sultry sonic background drenches our speakers in the utmost passion and desire. As Zay4G and his upbeat sonics continue to pulse through our speakers like an enamored heartbeat, he later jumps into a heated rap that displays his limitless devotion and respect for someone special.

What's all the more impressive is the song's dynamic vocal delivery that switches from a passionate Spanish serenade and back into English on the hook. As the vocals continue to swoon us from all angles, the song makes its way to the lush outro while leaving us feeling refreshed by Zay4G's ability to create such a passionate and rich sonic venture.

Feel your heart pound out of your chest with Zay4G's latest single, "Safe With Me," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Zay4G, what a passionate and powerful listening experience you've provided with your latest single, "Safe With Me." What inspired you to create this modern-day ballad?

For me, I think a lot of love songs today talk about romantic relationships in an over-sexualized way that tends to demean or objectify women and water down what I believe to be true love. “Safe With Me” is sort of my attempt to still talk about the intimate, romantic love people share in relationships, but to do so in a way that was tasteful and clean. My Christian faith is essential to who I am so it’s important to me to make music that honors God and gives my audience a chance to feel and express the romantic feelings and thoughts we all have in ways that are pure and still authentic.

Was it easy to convey such passionate, honest, and heartfelt emotions during your songwriting process for "Safe With Me?” What was your personal songwriting process like?

I wouldn’t say it was particularly easy mainly because I am still single haha. So in a lot of ways I was writing about memories of relationships in the past or what I hope to one day find in the future. A big part of the process for me lyrically, though, was just finding times in between classes and football training to sit in my car, listen to the beat, and try to find ways to talk about love in new and fresh ways. I wanted the song to engage people’s hearts with what I was saying, but also engage their minds with how I was able to say it.

Did you produce the groovy sonic background within "Safe With Me?” Or did you work with any producers to help bring your visions and ideas to life?

I got a lot of help from other people. I actually found the original beat from Big Jeezy’s beat store. I love Big Jeezy’s production and when I heard this beat and the direction he already had set on it with the hook, I knew I had to find a way to finish the song. The original beat is slightly different than it appears on the song now though, and Tev Woods helped with that part. He not only mixed and mastered it, but he also added the drums on the verses and threw in some effects to give it new life, which I really appreciated. Lastly, I want to shout out my guy Bobby Dunnit. He was the engineer in the studio with me when I was recording and it definitely helped to have another set of ears there to help me make sure I was delivering the vocals in a way that best suited the track.

How did you want to make the listener feel after experiencing your heartfelt performance and sonics in "Safe With Me?”

I want them to feel inspired and hopeful for the beauty of love and relationships. I want them to feel like they have had a chance to experience all of those butterflies and passionate feelings you get when you think about your significant other and how they make you feel.

What's next for you?

So I am still working on writing a few more songs that I may release as part of a mixtape. There are some really talented singers and musicians on my football team, so we may cook up a little something that I am hoping to release later this year. But the bigger project I am really excited bout is an album I will be working on with a local mentor who is pretty established in the local music network himself. In this album, I will be letting some walls down and getting a little more vulnerable with some of the issues I have dealt with in life, but I am hoping to encourage listeners by sharing my story but then ultimately pointing them to the faithfulness of God.


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