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Zel Phelps Reminds Us No Pain, No Gain, In “NPNG”

South Carolina-based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and genre-bending recording artist Zel Phelps releases his feel-good electronic single, "NPNG."

Teaching himself various instruments at a young age added to his love for exploring different sounds, crossing hip-hop, house, rap, rock, and classical elements. Zel Phelps also studied fashion design at Parsons the New School of Design in New York City. Silently collaborating and loudly supporting his artistic peers, there's no saying what the SC-based artist will do next.

Phelps recently released his bright and groovy single, "NPNG," which we must say gives us heavy Kaytranada vibes right off the bat. There's a certain nostalgic feel to this single that's all the more amplified by Zel Phelps' echoed, muffled, and hazy vocals, making it feel like a night on vacation you'll never forget.

Expanding on the new hit, "NPNG," the track kicks off with a plucky electric guitar-like synth that quickly drops into the warm drum breaks and Zel Phelps' soft and gentle vocals. While singing of wondering where a lover is headed, he reminds himself of the song's title, no pain, no gain.

We love the nostalgic 70s funk feel this song carries while also grooving with the modern rhythm of a deep, tropical house. While Zel Phelps' vocals echo and float overtop, the sonics continue to lift us into warmer places with their sweet, short synths and the grooviest drum arrangements we could ever ask for. We're sure our listeners will adore the song's lush energy and smooth-sailing vibes.

Take time to relax, but remember, no pain, no gain. Groove your way to success with Zel Phelps' latest single, "NPNG," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Zel Phelps. We love the lush and groovy energy of your latest single, "NPNG." Did anything, in particular, inspire you to create this piece?

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it, and no. I wasn't inspired by any particular "thing". Actually, it was a culmination of things that just.... clicked once I heard the beat produced by Hot Tize.

Although you wrote rather emotional words for "NPNG," why did you choose to create such upbeat and feel-good production?

You know, I've always been one to find the beauty underneath all of the, seemingly, chaotic occurrences we experience throughout life. I'm drawn to the juxtaposition of everything; so this is like my "singing in the rain" type moment.

Did you have any musical influences in mind when creating your single, "NPNG?"

What's crazy is that I hadn't really thought about any direct references for "NPNG" until just now, as you asked. Lol. I'm generally inspired by 50'-70's Motown; but, Whitney Houston's "It's Not Right but It's Okay" can definitely be used as a point of reference for the mentality while writing and arranging the lyrics.

How did you want to make your audience feel when listening to "NPNG"? What impact did you hope to make?

In all, I'd like to inspire my audience to keep pushing; and to remember why you love(d) to do what made you happy. Nothing is, and should never be, bigger than our passions. I want to create art that subconsciously heals while being entertained by stories & points of my own healing. It's important for me to highlight the importance of art and the therapeutic properties of creative outlets.

What is one of your biggest goals in 2022 for your music?

Oh my. Lol. 2022 is a pretty significant year for me. The year of my dirty 30 sets my aim to release my first EP titled "Zelienated" on my birthday March 17th, 2022. I began my creative journey at age 6 via music, yet began my professional endeavors via fashion. This year will be utilized to continue creating and working with my dope circle of creative friends and beyond. I look forward to allowing everyone to get to know me, and share more work with the world.


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