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"Zoom Out" And Dance The Night Away With Sonia Stein's New Song And Music Video

Hailing from Poland, singer-songwriter and pop recording artist Sonia Stein takes us to the dancefloor with a conceptual and exciting single entitled "Zoom Out."

Sonia Stein had a busy past couple of years, especially after concluding her sold-out world tour with the globally acclaimed recording artist Dido. Sonia Stein's live performances are nothing but enchanting, and the reaction from her tour with Dido and her 2020 EP 'See Me Now' sparked a huge following with millions of streams under her belt.

Sonia Stein recently released a groovy disco-inspired tune, "Zoom Out," the perfect bop to head into the holiday season. Stein opened up about the song and stated that it's about separating yourself from the situation to gain a different perspective. Produced by Geo Jordan, the song's sonics paired with Stein's refreshing vocal performance is exactly what we've been looking for.

Jumping into the new tune, "Zoom Out" begins with a groovy bass lick and a quick synth rise that drops into the upbeat drum arrangements and plucky bassline. As Sonia Stein grooves her way in, she begins to expand on a wise moment of needing time to process what's going on and wanting to "Zoom Out" to gain a clearer perspective.

Jumping into the hook, Sonia Stein melts our speakers with her heavenly vocals alongside Geo Jordon's lighthearted and exciting production that keeps our toes tapping. We can't help but feel a similar sound and style as Dua Lipa, but Sonia Stein has a way of bringing a whole other and authentic approach that keeps us entirely engaged.

Take a minute and "Zoom Out" with Sonia Stein's latest single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sonia Stein. We loved every moment of your exciting and conceptual new single, "Zoom Out." What inspired your lyrical content of removing yourself from a situation to gain a different perspective?

Thank you so much. I think I had the idea floating around in notes on my phone for a couple of weeks before the day I wrote it. It was just a concept that kept coming back into my life. Every time I felt overwhelmed, I was reminded to Zoom Out to see the bigger picture and that what may seem uncomfortable now is probably a necessary step in my growth.

What was it like working with Geo Jordon for "Zoom Out"? What was your chemistry like during the creative process?

That day was so much fun. It was the first day we met, and it was filled with little moments of synchronicity. We would say the same thing at the same time or realize that I now live in the exact building he used to live in. The song came out super quick, the first thing Geo played on the guitar was the riff you hear at the beginning, and the first thing I sang was the verse melody. I came out of that session feeling so excited.

Why did you want to create such exciting instrumentation and production for "Zoom Out," even though you're singing a rather introspective and serious message?

I think even though it is an introspective message, it is really a reminder not to take things so seriously, so a fun and upbeat sound felt right. I wanted it to feel like a song you can dance and sing along to while subliminally getting hypnotized into its message.

Are you familiar with creating disco-inspired tunes, similar to "Zoom Out"? Or was this something new for you?

No, I have been a huge fan of disco and disco-inspired pop, but this was my first venture into it, and I feel like it has opened up a door for more. I really love playing around with genres, and this one just feels like home.

What's next for you?

Zoom Out was the first song of a project I'm working on, all based on things I have learned and am learning in this lifetime. I am slowly trickling them out before they become solidified as an album later in 2022. I am also working on my Stein Away Session series, where I play piano versions of my songs in cool locations. Lots to come :)


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