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Zye Ca$h Exposes His Heart In “Love Someone”

As a single father and TikTok sensation with nearly half a million followers, Zye Ca$h has released his highly anticipated new single, "Love Someone."

Seamlessly representing his brand and who he truly is as a single father, this song delves into his hope to find love in the future. Through a profound instrumentation that takes the cake on the country-pop spectrum, the profound essence of this record lies within its organic simplicity and heartfelt messaging.

Touching on a highly relatable subject to the vast number of people exploring this life, Zye Ca$h uses his potent timbres to sway his listeners towards the wistful grooves performed and the hopefulness that roars from within. Emanating his earnest intentions as he professes striking lyrical motifs that touch on whole-hearted gestures like handwritten letters and old-school love, you can hear the passion pouring from Zye Ca$h as he whisks you into his dreams surrounding his ideal relationship.

As the father of a beautiful daughter, Zye Ca$h strives to make her life filled with golden moments that will turn into core memories. This stands true when it comes to seeking a relationship with a loved one that holds core to his values. Garnering mass attention with nearly 7,000 pre-saves before the release, "Love Someone" lives up to the hype as a record that embodies the purest intentions. So, put your lighters up a sway to the beat of love's drum.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Zye Ca$h! Congratulations on the release of your heartfelt single, "Love Someone." This song has such a beautiful theme and every lyric you spill has passion behind it. Was there a particular moment or story that inspired the creation of this song?

I really appreciate it! This song actually speaks to my current life situation. I’m a single dad, and it can be very lonely. At the end of the day, all I want is to find love. I want that old-school love that is unconditional. It can be hard to find, but I made this song in a sense to help give me hope it is out there.

Do this for yourself and your daughter; she must be your biggest fan! Have you shown your daughter this song yet? What was her reaction to it?

My daughter is one of my biggest critics and supporters, even though she’s only 5. She knows all the words to this song and many others as well! She told me,” I really like this one, daddy. It sounds good.”

What words of inspiration do you have for your audience still searching for true love?

I’m still looking, so I know how difficult and lonely it can get. Don’t give up. It’s a lot easier to throw in the towel and settle, but true unconditional love is the most powerful and rewarding thing you can find.

Since sharing your creations on TikTok, have you found a difference in the style of content you create? Does this help to motivate you even more with your music?

Yes, for sure. I’ve made a lot of content because I knew it could get me more followers and boost my account. I want to be able to only focus on my music and dad life. So, it motivates me to push hard with my music so I have a stronger fan base that is all about the content I want to create.

What's next for you?

More music is coming soon! Im looking to release an EP this year. I’m also working on putting together an independent mini-tour. Be on the lookout for more content from me on TikTok as well!


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