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18 Year Old Artist Asanda Jezile Releases Debut Single, “Photogenic”

Asanda Jezile is an up and coming 18-year-old artist who has just released her first single “Photogenic.” Since she could remember, Asanda Jezile has been harnessing her musical gifts; she was a finalist of Britain’s Got Talent at age eleven. Today, she uses her experiences of ups and downs throughout the reality show as inspiration for her lyrics. She is currently a budding artist whose goal is to inspire her audience through her lyrics to promote self-love. 

Asanda Jezile’s most recent release “Photogenic” opens with its electronic background keys and ad-libs to catch the attention of Asanda Jezile’s fans. Her flowing vocals immediately join in as she sings the repetitive chorus “I’m photogenic” to accompany the song’s trap beat. In her next verses, Asanda Jezile eases into a powerful vocal style that takes “Photogenic” to the next level. She then pushes her vocals to the limit as she exhibits her natural rapping talents, which are comparable to the likes of English rapper Stormzy. Her rap style is most noticeable because of her unique English accent. Throughout “Photogenic” Asanda Jezile keeps her fans on their feet by continuously altering the energy levels of the song, showing her flexibility as an artist. During the finale of “Photogenic,” Asanda Jezile takes her vocals to the next level by showcasing her range. Lyrically, Asanda Jezile focuses on the empowerment she experiences through social media and networking. “Photogenic” is a confidence-boosting song that will make fans want to get up and dance! Anyone who listens will be encompassed by strong feelings of self-love and power.

Be sure to listen to "Photogenic" here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Asanda Jezile! “Photogenic” is a catchy song with an important message. Can you elaborate on the message behind your lyrics in this track?

'Photogenic' is about self-confidence, being fun and not caring about people but just living life for you. It’s about not dwelling in negativity and just being happy by all means. It’s about inner beauty being kind to yourself and others, in today’s time we use social media and I believe that we should use social media for a good cause. I really want people to feel good and to promote being happy there are many people who are cyberbullied online and I believe that I can inspire people to stand up and put their head up high with this song.

You have listed artists such as Stormzy and Steff London as inspiration for your music. Can you tell us how they influence your style as an artist?

Stormzy and Steff London have a big influence because they are not just British artists they are hitting borders everywhere because they are edgy, every song they release it’s on top they never lack and lose their confidence, they are true to themselves and they are also versatile they have an RnB/grime flavour to them which inspired me to put that into 'Photogenic'.

Having competed on Britain’s Got Talent you are very familiar with the experiences of a performer. How has this journey shaped you as a person, and as an artist?

Britain’s Got Talent shaped me as a person by knowing that I have to have a balance between my education and career and both are very important to me and I do push myself to do well in both. As an artist its shaped me to actually believe in myself no matter what. I am truly grateful because Britain’s Got Talent gave me a platform that years from now it’s amazing how people still remember me, they still believe in me that I have a lot to still show and as I am older I do have a lot to give.

Since “Photogenic” is your debut single, you have captured your fans attention. Can you give them a hint on what to expect in your upcoming releases?

The best hint I can say to my fans for this year 2020 is that we were going to rekindle our relationship and strengthen it together because we are one, I have been away for some time but now that I’m out I really want to continue and be consistent I am not just doing this for me but this is for the fans, each time I release it will be me reinventing myself, being edgy having fun, I cannot wait to grow with them, it’s going to be an amazing journey.


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