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18mettah Delivers An Emotional Conviction In “My Fault”

18mettah is a Montreal-based hip-hop musician who delivers melodic and introspective lyrics throughout his tracks. His style blends hip-hop and R&B instrumentation with emotionally lovely beats. Influenced by many artists at a young age, ever since he was a 6th grader, he has been exploring the music industry more in-depth.

On May 18th, 2019, 18mettah came out with his debut EP "9souls n 9demons". Produced by the scientist, the set included singles "My Fault" and "18way". Generating a wave of love, the artist claims it's only the start of a beautiful adventure.

We listened to his latest single, "My Fault," by 18mettah, off his EP "9souls n 9demons," this record began with a passionate strum from the guitar before the melodic trap beat transitioned in. The vocal resonance of 18mettah was so smoothly connected, like a legato linking vocals and acoustics.

The production of "My Fault" was nicely arranged! However, it was the meaning behind the record that we loved! "My Fault" had substantial lyrics that gave the idea of heartbreak and regret. Owning your mistakes and wanting to make things right with a significant other was the theme we received from listening to this emotional track. What I loved most about the lyrical arrangement was how 18mettah delivered a relatable storyline. Many people can listen to these lyrics and feel connected with the song, helping the resonance of the meaning feel more impactful.

How to listen to "My Fault" the best way? Close your eyes, listen to the song, and place yourself within the music. Finding a place where you relate to the lyrics is easy due to the pathway 18mettah gives us. "My Fault" was a beautifully produced and enchantingly executed record that impressed us.

Welcome to BuzzMusic 18mettah. How has the journey been for you so far as an artist? What are some of the main challenges you’ve faced in your career and how have your overcome these obstacles?

The journey through out the music industry has been great so far. Ive been through ups and downs which is totally normal. It's part of life and especially in this industry you have many ups and downs. What I believe difference you from either continuing or stopping is your mindset. Life isn't perfect and no matter what you do, theres always going to be L's, if you're not taking L's you're doing something wrong. So I just believe no matter what goes down, you have to keep your head on top and see the bright picture, thats how I over come my downs and problems, and it only makes me who I am and have the positive mindset that I have.

Tell us about this beautiful record “My Fault,” we interpreted that it could possibly hint the theme of heartbreak? From your artist perspective, what’s the message behind it?

My fault is obviously a heart break song, when I first heard the beat of the record I felt like the words were coming out by themselves. It made me go back in time and bring back memories of a relation ship I had with a girl. You can hear the story in the lyrics where you feel the girl isn't coming home because you did something wrong and she's not letting you explain yourself. its basically a total heart brake where you realize she was holding it down for you but you messed up and now she's gone. Every listener will hear a different message coming out of the record and get attached in there own way.

In what ways were you able to personally relate to “My Fault?” How does “My Fault” fit into the theme of the “9souls n 9demons” EP?

9souls n 9demons means something, we all have demons and we all have angels. we all go through ups and we all go through downs. In the EP you have the records when you go through ups and you also have the records where you wanna sit, think back and even shred a tear. So I see it as 50% of it is an up and the other 50% is the demons which resemble to the fact My fault, your girl is gone because you did something wrong. I called it that way because all the songs relate to me in a personal way, and I know im not perfect and I have my demons and my angels so when it comes down to it, 9souls n 9demons adds up to 18 which is part of my name.

What’s next for you 18mettah?

First of all i'll be going on tour, the exact dates aren't finalized yet but its coming quickly. Second of all, I have features whom I can't say their names yet, but just know, it's going to go crazy.


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