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1k. Spins the Los Angeles Music Scene in a “CYCLONE”

From Las Vegas to Los Angeles, songwriter, rapper, and hip-hop/r&b recording artist 1k. slaps the scene with a "CYCLONE" of a single.

Constantly surrounded by like-minded individuals who keep it one hundred, 1k. is always finding new ways to prove that he's a mainstay in the modern music industry. Music was always a staple to a young 1k. He was heavily influenced by funk and r&b, but he became the ultimate hip-hop head during his adolescence. His wide range of beat selection and versatile flow is truly taking 1k.'s career to new heights.

After transforming himself from the listener to the artist, 1k. now hopes to influence and inspire individuals to take the route that leads them to their dream. Listeners can catch his artistic versatility and lyrical mastery through his latest bop, "CYCLONE," from his recent 9-track album, 'VILLAINS.'

Hitting play on "CYCLONE," the tune kicks off with a dreamy and laidback lo-fi hip-hop beat where a low, demonic, and A$AP Rocky-like voice melts through our speakers with the utmost poise and confidence while describing the spiraling weed smoke looking like a "CYCLONE." As 1k.'s fluid bars make their way in, he offers an incredibly rhythmic and composed performance to up the song's dominant feel.

If this track is anything like 1k.'s forthcoming releases, we're positive he's destined for greatness. This song offers such a dynamic feel through the celestial sonics and the LA-based rapper's attention-commanding performance. As we drift out way towards the outro, 1k. continues to make it clear that he's not one to mess with.

Don't miss out on your new favorite song, "CYCLONE," and find the rest of 1k.'s 'VILLAINS' album on all streaming platforms.

We love the poise and authority you offer on your recent hit, "CYCLONE." So what inspired this dreamy yet dominant tune?

I gotta say the inspiration came from high times in the studio. I had a session in LA where I came out of the booth, and the room was just smokey as hell. My engineer was getting contact—most times when I'm in the studio with some people that are part of the routine. When I returned to my home studio, I played the beat, and the idea just felt right in front of me.

Who created the composed and celestial beat for "CYCLONE?" Was the production pre-made for you, or did you have any say in the sound and vibe during the creative process?

Shoutout to Prod by Rxkz. To be completely honest, I searched through youtube beats when I came across this producer. He has a few joints on my album 'VILLAINS.' As soon I started writing to it, I hit him up for the beat, and the rest is history.

What sort of scenes and images did you want to paint with your rhythmic and conceptual bars in "CYCLONE?" What did you want to make the listener think and feel?

"Cyclone" for me was just about being in that zone. When im creating, marijuana normally lets me reflect more than I should, but it helps me zone out into endless thoughts. The bars in this song are almost like the voices in my head when Im in that zone.

How does "CYCLONE" fit into the vibe and theme of your recent 9-track album, 'VILLAINS?'

'Villains' is basically a journey down the abyss in its tone. It goes from Light to Dark while giving aspects to the way there. "Cyclone" is right in the middle. That grey area. It represents reflection and my ways of relaxation. If the beginning is me on top of the world and the last track is me going crazy, "Cyclone" is that middle ground. Where most people probably relate anyway.

What's next for you?

OH, EVERYTHING! Shows, videos, projects. 'VILLAINS' being my crown jewel, I'm still coming up with new music all year—more collaborative efforts, including a joint tape with one of my team Supaaman. You'll be hearing alot from 1k. in 2022!

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