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2019 Was Victorious With Ross Victory!

Singer/songwriter, author and travel enthusiast Ross Victory is here to take a look back at 2019, and the music that was curated within it. We know how tranquil Ross Victory makes his sound, and subsequently, we can expect his 2019 to be filled with a sense of charm and overall calmness. Well, it definitely was. Ross Victory maintained that fruitful and flavorful melody for listeners, which comes off as such a natural feature to his artistry. What did Ross Victory's 2019 look like? Reflective, mystic, and expressive are words that automatically come to our minds when we reminisce on the soundings Ross Victory gave listeners. We see this clearly through tracks like "Savor the View", and "Everything Means Nothing".

"Savor the View" will create a very serene and blissful experience. The deep and sensual production aids to the slow vocal outflow of Ross Victory very well. The entire production was so successfully shaped around the ambiance Ross Victory's voice brings, which is an element that was able to heighten his sounding respectively. Progressing on to tracks such as "Everything Means Nothing", the same vibrant yet soothing aspect of Ross Victory is emulated through the vocal performance. Production elements to Ross Victory only amplify the background and overall scene of which the vocals capture. Ross Victory stands out with his artistic concepts he applies to his sound, and we're anticipating more of this unique sounding in 2020!

Listen to the 2019 soundings of Ross Victory here.

Welcome, Ross Victory! Congratulations on the releases 2019 saw from you! Out of the few releases cultivated this year, which release do you suggest to a new Ross Victory listener?

Savor the View and Everything Means Nothing are both very different. Savor the View is a relaxing, soothing song that makes listeners feel at peace. I love it because I can sit, close my eyes and enjoy the song. Everything Means Nothing is more of a mid-tempo heartfelt song that listeners can enjoy with their eyes closed or maybe just slow rocking to it. I recommend listeners check both of them out!

You've always been an incredibly introspective artist. How do you use this aspect of your character to grow and synthesize your sound?

I look for beats and instrumentation that match my vision of the song. Sometimes the opposite is exact. If I want a song to evoke pain and longing, sometimes using an upbeat track will put a creative, ironic spin on it and make the lyrics and vocal pop. For example, if I want to write about isolation, I would look for beats and instrumentation that have a lot of space to highlight the lyrics and an intimate vocal. I've had a lot of exciting life experiences, so no matter the beat or

instrumentation, I can always find a creative way to drop in honesty.

"Savor the View" was such a nicely blended track. It emulated such a feeling of peace! How do you ensure the perfect ambiance is established within your listeners through your tracks?

Collaboration and communication with the musical production team is critical! The

producer of the Savor the View, Pnxcho, really understood the songs purpose, and we made sure that every mixing decision, every harmony never strayed away from that purpose of the track, which was to bring about peace and reflection. My burden as an artist is to stand true and

speak up when it feels like we are drifting away from the purpose or at least request a conversation to be convinced. I've noticed that whenever I enlist help to execute a vision, it's essential for me to communicate why this project exists.

You're very much involved with communities in Los Angeles. Can you share more on the work you dedicate yourself to? How do you think this type of community involvement shapes the way you create artistically?

Yes, I'm from Los Angeles, and my parents made sure that my sister and I were aware of what was happening with the needs of the local community. There is a wealth gap even among people who

do not live on the streets. So I learned early on it's crucial to engage, be grateful, and watch my attitude when interacting with others. It's empathy at a basic level. In my writing and music, I think this upbringing comes across as soulfulness, heartfelt, and sincerity.

Were you happy with the way your overall artistry executed within 2019?

Yes, I am happy with everything that I released in 2019. I was most pleased about the inception of Savor the View; Everything Means Nothing and all of the music I have planned to release in 2020. I planned to write and publish a book, but I did not intend to record an audiobook. Recording the audiobook gave life to Savor the View and truly reignited my musical voice. I am most happy with getting in touch with music again. Although my year ended with a layoff from a

job I had for nearly four years, I had a great creative year. Music is, in fact, a refuge from uncontrollable life factors like layoffs, loss of loved ones, and overall disillusionment from the world.

It was a pleasure to hear about your music and more personal elements to what creates your sound! Are you one to start goals for yourself in the new year? If so, are there any goals you've set for yourself artistically for 2020?

Yes, I have a lot of goals for myself. My main goal is to keep creating and never drop the ball on my creativity again. I create from a place of fun, the need to express, and no pressure. If I get a chance to impact thousands or millions of people from that authenticity, then that’s great. If not, then I know for sure, there was something in it for me at every step, and I was creating things I love. Happy New Year!




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