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24Rico Is Killing the Hip/Hop Game With Latest Release "ME U N BENZ"

24Rico is a rap/hip-hop artist hailing from Toronto, Canada. The levels of sound 24Rico curates in his tracks are highly memorable. We feel the new type of sound he's trying to bring to the Canadian music scene, and we know it's what's needed for the genre right now! 24Rico brings a refreshing accent to his tracks, and he includes complex beats and melodies to successfully tie all of his tracks together, making it as alluring and voluptuous as possible. 

You already know you're getting that exotic feel with 24Rico's latest track"ME U N BENZ". Released today, the track surges intensity and vitality that feels as real as it can get. We see the dynamic elements while listening to the track, recognizing the varying aspects of 24Rico's voice---he's able to interchange the level of power in his vocal execution, and it creates such a compelling tone! His persona fits right for the type of music he's releasing. Take a thorough listen through "ME U N BENZ"and you'll feel how real and forceful his energy is. 24Rico produces tracks that are full of hype, elegancy, and genuine vigor. 

Feel the energy surging through you with 24Rico's "ME U N BENZ" here.

Continue reading for 24Rico's interview!


Hi 24Rico, welcome to BuzzMusic! We're excited to be featuring you and your latest track "ME U N BENZ". Tell our readers how the creation process was for this track?

My creative process was pretty simple. My engineer told me it took about like 7 minutes to track the whole song. I just keep it true to myself and let the music speak.

Did you initial vision of "ME U N BENZ"execute well throughout the entire song, or did you change around elements during production?

the track since it was freestyled only had one original layer of my vocals no adlibs or Anytbing. So afterwards in another session I had we added more layers of adlibs I had a few of my producers cook up more instruments to it to just make it sound mad vibey. I really liked how much the song progressed when I got the final 

What is the most impactful lyric in your point of view during "ME U N BENZ"?

The most meaningful lyrics have to be “I been getting money but I lost a lot of friends... I been paper cuts from these dead friends now every time I feel like this I wanna girlfriend now”. The reason to this is I previously lost two close friends of mine in the last two years they passed away. They are the huge reason I started making music. I felt lost and leaned to the music. 

What kind of message do you attempt to communicate to your listeners? Do you feel that your music contains inspiring energy for fans?

The type of message and energy id like to pass on to my fans and listeners is it’s ok to let out your emotions. It’s normal to feel sad at times. Just use that energy and push it towards something positive. Something you love to do and wanna work hard for. Me u n Benz I talk about my family my little sister and her children my friends I’ve lost and All the pain and sadness inside I transferred that energy into motivation. Into me putting my all into what I do and what I love. This is all for them.

Are you in the midst of working on any other tracks set to be released within 2019?

I’m currently working on releasing another video coming really soon as well as my sophomore album . All Dropping this summer. This project is very special to me because you get to capture a side of me that a lot of people may have not got to hear yet.


Stay updated and connected with 24Rico through the artists Instagram!


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