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2Dub Talks With BuzzMusic About Latest Release "Body Move"

Hey 2Dub! Welcome back to BuzzMusic--we're excited we get to talk about your latest single "Body Move"! Are you happy with how the song was produced in the end?!

Me being my worst critic, I always feel like everything I do can be better, as I always look for continuous improvement. Overall, I’m pleased with the finished product for “Body Move”but I welcome any constructive criticism.

"Body Move" is an undeniably catchy, energetic and fun song. Where did you draw your inspiration from in order to create this track? 

When the producer Charles Yates sent me the track for review the concept came instantly. I always wanted to make a twerk type song so i got with my partner Swift and we put it together.

What's the most integral element to your music that you find is always integrated into every track you produce?

Every song has to display some sense of fun and enjoyment. The integral part is heart, I put my heart into every song.

It's incredibly cool that you have your own shoe brand! How do you find you balance running your own company, as well as producing music?!

Balance! Lol, try no sleep. I’m always online promoting and trying to get to know my audience. That’s the key to success, right!

What's the major goal for you as an artist?

I look to become an artist who’s music will be treasured and loved no matter the time.


Check out "Body Move" here, as well as 2Dub's socials below for updates on his music!

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