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3rd Person Is Bringing Real Rap Back With Their Album “Rare Stones V1”

3rd Person is comprised of 2 MC’s and one producer by the name of Rokem and operates under east of the river entertainment based in East Los Angeles. Working as a unit, each member holds their own accolades within the underground LA hip-hop scene respectively and collectively decided to combine forces and form a new staple, 3rd person.

3rd Person released their EP titled “Rare Stones, V1” and you can tell this collective is on their way to being the next biggest group in the industry. Rokems wide spectrum of mesmeric beats pair well with rhymes from MCs Mad Macks & Don't Sleep, fuses together to make a killer sound. The EP initiates with an enticing introduction that simply sounds like they’re letting the listener know who they are. The lyrics feel as if you’re understanding the group as a whole and what they will be offering us this album. A quick 1 minute intro, they set the tone for the album.

The next record, “Pyro” wastes no time to strike its listener with a lyrical punch. You instantly begin head-banging to the arrangement of the verses and the intricate production of the beat. It displays a certain unique level of hip-hop, needed to be expressed. It has a high classic fusion of past and contemporary that feels almost timeless and ageless.

The next record that transitions in on this album is called, “Mountain Top”. “Mountain Top” has melodic acoustics that reminded me of a beat many lyrical geniuses would spit their truth too. Such includes; Jcole, Kendrick Lamar, etc. “Mountain Top” gave us a soothing hook with a female vocalist. This song has elements of lo-fi hip-hop which curated a subdued aura around the vibe. This was a nice addition to the album.

The next single that transitions in on this album is called “Seasons Change” and it kept the vibe of lo-fi and mellow melodies intact while keeping a nice transitional difference between the previous record. “Seasons Change” has you completely absorbed by the lyrics and you’re infested in the music for everything it offers. By this time of listening, I realized this album is potentially a lyrical packed project filled with gorgeous, chilled, and relaxing energy fulfilling the beats.

The next single, “FWM” has a different type of energy that was nice to witness for this album. A more up-beat delivery, it enhances the lo-fi elements of the project in a more aggressive nature.

The next single “Red-Coop” quickly grasped my attention due to the initiating beat. This song gave me strong culture vibes. The lyrics were so true and authentic it’s hard to find any transparency to the artistry of 3rd-person. Not only were the lyrics raw, but they were relatable while the delivery was just natural.

The next single that transitions into the album, titled “They Said” kept the lyrical realness the album had presented from the beginning to now. What I loved about this single was how I was able to interpret that this record was written as a message to the artist from the artist. The vibes were natural with a calm-collected beat. These songs in “Rare Stones” spiritually connected with you, while also projecting thought-provoking and hard hitting feelings.

The next song to transition into this album, called “Dotted Lines” begins with an atmospheric energy creating the foundation of the beat. The hook was highly addictive due to the slight repetitive approach they gave. With a trendy and witty hook, you’re at ease while listening to this song. It’s like getting high without the usage of any actual drugs. It’s just the music that simply does this for you.

The next record that smooths in are the singles “Badmen” and “Ear Ringer” and these were my personal favorite. The transporting projection and beat took me back in time when hip-hop was unapologetic. It created this whole old school urban environment while listening. Their lyrics were still complementary to their bonafide characters they have already presented in the album so far. “Right or Wrong” beat and backtrack instrumental was beautiful. Without 3rd person being singers, they created a beautiful love song. I instantly began thinking about a significant other in my life. Many people could relate to this record and dedicate it to somebody who they feel this song best represents. They display true charisma with poetic lyricism and romantic energy surrounding the entire song. The lyrics had me completely compelled and I began relating my own personal love story to the song.

The closing songs “Since 2010” and “Brimlow” had slight differences from one another, however they’re similar in many ways. Just like every song off this album, they paint a mental picture for you. In fact, It’s difficult to listen to any of these songs off this album without creating a setting that best fits the theme of the record you’re listening to. Usually, the artist delivers that for us however, 3rd Person hands us the paintbrush and allows our creativity to roam freely while following the guidance and direction of 3rd person. Although the lyrics in both songs were highly deep, one song felt more delighted while the other felt to be more melancholic. Nonetheless, it showcases the absolutely mesmerizing lyricism of MC’s 3rd person. Rappers know how to create entertainment, but MC’s know how to lyrically spit, 3rd Person weaves between both.

Listen to “Rare Stones V1” here and get to know more about 3rd Person below!

Tell us about the name “3rd Person” and the inspiration behind it?

The first person point of view is subjectively opinionated while the 3rd person perspective is based on observations and facts alone. At last the trio consisting of East of the River’s own Mad Macks, Rokem and Don’t Sleep! Come together to form the collective known as 3rd Person. The inspiration stems from the mind of Max and was put forth into fruition by all three members. After identifying the name it was clear that it was much more of a representation that turned into this hip-hop group set to be another staple within Los Angeles and soon around the world.

In what ways are you different from each other and in what ways do you share similarities?

All 3 members are gifted with music in their own unique way. The most obvious difference is the producer, Rokem, having no lyrical input into the music. Mad Macks and Dont Sleep! Are like night and day, although very different, they exist in perfect harmony. This reflects onto the music where both MCs compliment each other with their contrasting styles. The similarities are in the approach each member takes when creating music. It's all heart and soul when they enter the studio, if not, there usually isn't anything coming from the session but some good laughs and collective energy.

Do you guys face obstacles and challenges as a group? How do you overcome them?

The music solved any and every obstacle that the group faced. Without a doubt there were more success and solutions than problems encountered. The natural flow between each member made for very little hassles.

Tell us about the album ”Rare Stones” and the major theme behind it?

Rare Stones Vol. 1 is a hip hop classic meant to combine all influences whether new or old. It's a musical masterpiece that takes the listener on a mental journey to reach that nostalgic feeling of "I need this and I need more." Too long has the hip hop scene left us with short spurts of decent music. Rare Stones is themed around longevity and the willingness of a person to find whats been in front of them their whole life.

When it comes to making a record, tell us about your writing process

The writing process was one of the easiest to go about. Each member is driven by the vehicle of creation. That creation would take a matter of hours in some instances. Others took days in order to meet 3rd Person's high standard of good music. Every track started with the producer, Rokem, giving influence with his mesmeric beats.

What is next for you “3rd Person?”

The next step is ensuring the debut album Rare Stones makes its mark in great fashion. Shows, tours, and another album are already all lined up.


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